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Why Should I Buy an Android Phone?

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Mar 6th 2012 - No Comments

Today, the great debate rages as to why people should invest in Android phone. These are among the latest and greatest of smartphones that you have to choose from today, and they offer a lot of different options for people. Of course, choosing this OS over others like the iPhone, BlackBerry, or even Windows Mobile devices is going require a little bit of time to research the different benefits and features that you can appreciate in a device like this. If you’re questioning whether you should buy an Android phone or not, here are some great reasons to consider it.

android phones

Home screen customization is a lot nicer than what you get with other OS devices on any Android phone. You can add and remove widgets, apps, contacts, and change wallpapers so that your home screen is exactly what you need. Plus, with multiple home screens, you can easily have room for everything to be just a touch away, no matter how much you have on your phone. Another perk of the Android phone are their cameras. These phones all have high quality cameras, many which are 8 megapixels and 720p HD video quality. If you’re looking for a stellar smart phone that can double as a digital camera when you don’t have one on hand, these devices take the cake.

Android phones also offer the option for removable storage. With a micro SD card you can expand the storage capacity of your phone, swap cards for different storage options, and get up to 16GB of extra space on almost all the devices that run the Android OS. When it comes to speed, these phones also have faster processors than other smartphones on the market today. You’ll lose a little bit of battery life for having a better processor, but all in all, it’s worth it.

There are a lot of different reasons to buy an Android phone. Even if you just don’t want to be locked into the constantly upgrading world of Apple technology with an iPhone, the Android makes a great choice. So many people like the simplicity of the user interface and the unique features that this OS has that they’ve sworn to never go back to a different phone again. You should check out Android for yourself and see everything that it can do. If you want one of the most popular, functional smartphones on the market, Android is definitely the phone for you.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 : 20 Million Sales In Less than 10 Months!

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Feb 24th 2012 - 1 Comment

It’s time to big celebration over at Samsung Headquarters as the Korean cell phone company announced that the critically acclaimed Samsung Galaxy S2 has hit a whopping 20 million sales worldwide.

In early 2011, they announced that the 10 million Galaxy S sold. Later that year, they reported that the Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S2 had exceeded 30 million units sold in 15 months (the Galaxy S, introduced in July 2010, 20 million units and Samsung Galaxy S2 , launched in Korea last April and May in France, 10 million units). 

This time, they just announced they sold 20 million Samsung  Galaxy S2 in less than ten months. A performance for which Samsung should have now surpassed the 40 million Galaxy S and S2. According to Samsung, taking just 10 months to hit the mark puts it ahead of the original Galaxy S (hovering around 22 million sold) by 7 months. 

Recall that the iPhone 4S had over 4 million copies sold in one weekend, while it took 55 days to Samsung to surpass 3 million copies of  Samsung Galaxy S2. We have no unofficial figures, however, analysts said, the iPhone 4S could also exceed 30 million units sold in early 2012.

A real numbers game … what you think ?

Nokia Lumia 900 & Samsung Galaxy S3 Comparison

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Feb 11th 2012 - No Comments

The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft has given birth to the new Lumia series and reestablished the Finnish manufacturer as a player in the smartphone market. The Lumia 900 is the latest offering from the company, and promises to be an attractive device for most consumers. It still remains to be seen, however, whether the Lumia can stand up to a well-established behemoth like the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The following is a detailed comparison of the two devices – Nokia Lumia 900 & Samsung Galaxy S3

Dimensions and Form

Some speculate the Galaxy S3 will make changes to the design of the S2, if nothing else than to satisfy Apple’s teeming throng of angry lawyers. However, there is only so much one can alter with regard to smartphone design, and it wouldn’t surprise us to see little divergence from the previous model. The Nokia Lumia 900 has dimensions of 127.8 x 68.5 x 11.5 mm and weighs in at 160 grams. The poly-carbonate design is balanced and lightweight, but yet maintains the durability consumers have come to expect from Nokia.

Winner: Draw

Display Screen

The Nokia Lumia 900 is endowed with a 4.3-inch AMOLED Gorilla Glass touchscreen with a 480 x 800 pixel resolution. This amounts to a pixel density of 217 ppi. The Galaxy S3 is rumoured to offer a larger screen with 1280 x 720 resolution and 3D capability. Corning may also soon launch its next iteration of Gorilla Glass, and many experts believe it will be introduced with release of the Galaxy S3.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3

Processing Power and Storage

When compared to the Samsung Galaxy series, the Lumia 900 has little to offer in terms of raw power. Even the Galaxy S2 has the Nokia phone considerably beat. The Galaxy S3, meanwhile, only extends the gap between the two products, as rumours have it boasting a 1.5GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM. In terms of storage, the Galaxy will be offered in 16GB or 32GB models with an upgradeable microSD slot.

Conversely, the Lumia 900 has a modest 1.4GHz Scorpion processor with 512MB RAM and an Adreno 205 GPU. It currently provides an adequate experience, but may quickly grow outdated as software begins to take advantage of higher end machines.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3

Operating System

Much was made between the marriage between Nokia and Microsoft, given the latter’s considerable hold on the OS market for traditional computers. The early returns were not promising, however, as Windows seemed ill-equipped for the demands of mobile devices. The new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, ameliorates many of the problems with the earlier version, and the app marketplace now offers over 60,000 products to customise your device.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be equipped with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and feature Samsung’s proprietary TouchWiz overlay. The new software provides more efficient multi-tasking, better visuals, and new input methods such as speech to text.

Winner: Draw


The Nokia Lumia 900 has a primary 8MP camera with autofocus, a dual LED flash, and geo-tagging, and a 1.3MP secondary snapper. The camera is designed by acclaimed German manufacturer Carl Zeiss, and offers video stabilising features for 720p video recording. The Galaxy S3, on the other hand, will be equipped with an upgraded 12MP primary camera and 3MP secondary camera for video chat.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S3

Conclusion :

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will be the one of the hottest devices of the coming year, and easily outperforms the Nokia Lumia 900. However, this is true of almost every smartphone currently on the market, and Nokia will likely find its niche by utilising the marketability of Windows Phone rather than raw specifications.

Author Byline : John Smith writes on behalf of www.broadbandspeedtest.org – a UK broadband website.

LG to Introduce First Intel Medfield Powered Android smartphone at CES

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Jan 3rd 2012 - No Comments

LG hopes to catch up on its competitors (Samsung and Apple mainly), producing the first smartphone with an Intel Medfield Powered smartphone with Intel Processor. But will this be enough to really close the gap?

The year 2011 promised to be quite good for LG. The Optimus 2X was first smartphone to have a dual-core processor. The Optimus 3D was the first to announce a 3D display without the need to wear glasses, the LG Optimus Pad with the particularity of being able to watch but with 3D glasses.

“Intel’s chief executive Paul Otellini will release Intel’s first Android smartphone using our own platform at the CES,’’ said Intel Korea chief Lee Hee-sung to The Korean Times on Friday.

Until now, ARM, which reigns supreme in the field, thanks to its good compromise in terms of mobility. Intel was on its side so far largely confined to computers, netbooks and some DSL box / fiber. So a bet in which launches both Korean and American, because that says new, also said lack of experience in the field. The smartphone is still unknown, but will be announced at CES, which will place in a few days in Las Vegas.

First Intel Medfield Powered Android smartphone

A source working at LG, however, indicates that this device may never be put on sale, since it would be more of a technical demonstration and a way to confirm the agreement between the two firms. Indeed, this partnership is not limited to mobile devices because it is also question of connected TVs or netbooks.

But pending the arrival of Intel’s market of smartphones and tablets is growing day by day and such a scenario seems unlikely, especially after such a statement. In any case, LG has made a habit of leaving his new terminals around the month of March, for the first quarter is considered calm, following the holiday season. Both CES and MWC will see exactly the range that offer this constructor.

Other software and hardware details are not available on this  First Intel Medfield Powered LG Android phone at the moment. But the CES event gives a clue to intros this device. So what you guys think about First Intel Medfield Powered Android smartphone.

LG hopes to catch up on its competitors (Samsung and Apple mainly), producing the first smartphone with an Intel Medfield Powered smartphone