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Download Free IPL 4 T20 App for Android Smartphones

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Apr 10th 2011 - No Comments
The IPL T20 app for Android smartphones is now available at Android market, and here i am sharing a link for all Hackerz Park fans.

Here is a Free Android application designated as Cricket IPL 2011, which will deliver all-round updates of the IPL 4. Everyone out there now carry IPL season 4 with you. Get score updates, tweets. Sure you will enjoy IPL-4 on your phone.


  1. Team Info(Players)
  2. Schedule
  3. Live match Comments
  4. Live Score
  5. Configure Based On your Needs
  6. IPL Season 4 Points Table
What’s in this version:
  1. IPL Updates
  2. Known issues being fixed:
  3. IPL tree is not properly formatted.
  4. Fixtures may show a one-hour time difference in certain countries due to daylight saving adjustments.
Visit and Install the Cricket IPL 2011 page in the Android Market.

Here is the snapshot of the application –

Download Free Official IPL 4 T20 App for Nokia Mobile Phones

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Apr 9th 2011 - No Comments
The Official Indian Premier League – IPL T20 app is now available for Nokia device at Nokia Ovi Store. IPL T20 application is dedicated to the Cricket Fans across the globe, aims to offer latest updates of all the IPL matches. The app is a free applicationOnce downloaded, users can use the app till this 2011s’ IPL 4 season.

The IPL T20 application is now available for Nokia smartphones through the Ovi store platform. The company claims that this move towards Nokia OVI will help the company to monetise this year’s IPL T20 fever, while taking advantage of Nokia’s international and Indian smartphone market share.

Screenshot of app
Basic Features:

      • Live TV
      • Live News Feeds
      • Match Schedules
      • IPL team list with team members
      • Individual Team Performance
      • Live Score
      • Live text commentary
      • All other IPL Information

All Nokia phone users can download the app in single click via the OVI Store on the Nokia handset or from the web on below link: