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Getting More From Your Smartphone

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Sep 28th 2015 - No Comments
smartphone apps

If you follow the adverts on the television, you would think that today’s smartphones are primarily used for communications with friends, family, and coworkers, playing games, and getting directions on how to best navigate traffic and weather. While these are indeed useful features, there exists a veritable treasure trove of highly...

5 Best Apps For Browsing the Web

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Onavo Count

If you regularly use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to browse the Web, you may be pleased to know that there are now some very useful apps available to make browsing easier and more convenient. Give these 5 easy-browsing apps a try: 1. Pocket A free app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, available here. This is the perfect...

Top 15 iPhone Money Saving Apps

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Technology is becoming smarter and faster by the day, and we have always been promised that filling our homes and our lives with new technology will save us time, and money and give us more opportunity to do the things we really want to be doing.

While that hasn’t panned out quite as we’d all hoped, as we continue to rush from one place to the next, seemingly with even less time than before, at least we know our iPhones can be saving us money.

Money Saving iPhone Apps for Students

Students are perpetually short of money, it is almost a rite of passage to graduation, but if you’ve managed to scrounge together enough for an iPhone, just as we all manage to fund the things we really want and need, then you need these five Money Saving Apps to help you save and manage your money:

1. Currency

Currency is a free download which provides you with up to the minute exchange rate information for over 100 countries. This means that when you are enjoying your summer holidays or taking a gap year you can stay on top of your spending and really know whether you’re bargaining a good deal, or being over charged.

2. Stanza

Also a free download, Stanza allows you to read books on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. You can read modern new releases, classics, your summer reading, your textbooks and your entire class syllabus all in the palm of your hand. You can easily store and categorise your resources too, so you don’t have to fork out for or drag around heavy text books.

3. Graphing calculator

These are expensive pieces of technology to buy and look after but for $1.99 you can download the Graphing Calculator app which is a complete, powerful and easy to use scientific calculator. You can quickly plot and trace multiple equations into the same graph, customise the keyboard for faster calculations, drag, slide, scroll and zoom as well as take screen shots and email them to yourself. The Graphing Calculator app can complete the full range of functions you would expect, without the bulk, or the cost.

4. Gas buddy

This free download helps you find the cheapest fuel when you’re out on the road and need to fill up. With one tap you can locate a gas station near you and see their current prices so you never pay too much again. Plus you can earn points towards prizes and competition entries with every gas price you report.

5. Skype

The free to download Skype app gives you access to free texting to multiple friends at the same time, as well as free video calling. This means you can take texting off of your mobile plan and reduce your call costs by calling and connecting with your friends for free. You can also make normal phone calls and Skype to Skype calls to and from anywhere in the world.

Money Saving iPhone Apps for Young Couples

Having made your way through school and study into the real world of employment, you are now looking to save some money for your future and prepare for what life has ahead of you, while still being able to have some fun where you can. Therefore, you need these five apps if you are a young couple looking to save money use Money Saving Apps:

1. Tap Mortgage

Download Tap Mortgage for $1.99 and you can quickly and easily calculate your mortgage repayments, stamp duty obligations and deposit and then email these important calculations to yourself, your partner or your mortgage broker for their help and advice. The stamp duty calculator is loaded with the ability to make accurate calculations based on your state or territory, the purchase type and the price. You can also work out how much interest you can save by making your repayments weekly or fortnightly instead of monthly.

2. Kayak

This free download lets you remind yourself that you are still young and free, and can follow the travel bug whenever it bites, especially when you can use Kayak to compare the best holiday packages and find the cheapest options. Kayak will help you compare flights, hotels and car rental deals, track your flight status, manage your itinerary, find out baggage fees and access flight and airline information. You can also book your chosen hotel from within the app so you don’t miss out on a great deal.

3. eBay

We all know that shopping online can save you money, and shopping on eBay can save you even more because this free download allows you to tap into auctions from around the world, and find brand name items at well below their retail costs, as well as locate one off, hard to find items you may want or need for your home, all delivered directly to your door.

4. Mint

Mint is an established financial brand, and has been able to leverage the experience and the financial tools on their website into a free iPhone app which allows you to track, budget and manage your phone from your handset, so you always know how much you can afford to spend, and where your money is going. You can view your account balances, spending graphs and update your transactions with manual entries. You’ll avoid late fees and never bounce a cheque or direct debit because you are on top of your accounts at all times.

5. ATM finder

Search iTunes for your bank’s app which should be a free download and will allow you to locate a friendly ATM wherever you are, at any time. This helps you avoid foreign ATM fees, and allows you to check you balances before making a withdrawal too.

Money Saving iPhone Apps for Families and Parents

Budgeting for a family takes precision, hard work and careful planning, and luckily there are a number of apps to save money , you can load to your iPhone Money Saving Apps which can help you execute those moves perfectly:

1. Shoeboxed receipts

This free download helps you keep track of all of your family receipts and generate expense reports. You don’t need to create or register for an account, all you have to do is take a photo of your receipt and Shoebox will register the date, total amount, payment type, store and category. From there the app can generate an expense report, export those expenses to QuickBooks, Quicken, a CSV Excel file or FreshBooks to help you reconcile your family accounts and save time in preparing for your tax return.

2. Black Friday deal finder

The Back Friday sales are a bargain hunting parent’s dream, and worst nightmare, because there are so many sales on at so many different stores and malls, you can’t effectively search all of the sales to find what you need on special. The Black Friday Deal Finder app allows you to search for the best iPhone deals by store, product, brand or price and is a free download. You can even input and save shopping lists on the FatWallet website so you can access them while you are shopping to keep on track and on budget.

3. Dinner spinner

This free app helps you tap into the online food community at Allrecipes.com and view thousands of easy recipes. You can view recipes and images and search by meal type, ingredient, or time, and if you want to be surprised, simply shake the app, or hit the ‘spin’ button for a random recipe. You can also share recipes with your friends, and save them to your favourites for later.

4. Coupon Sherpa

If your family hasn’t taken advantage of the coupon craze because you think it’s just too much effort to clip and save coupons for things you think you might need, you need the free Coupon Sherpa app which uses your location to generate a list of retailers nearby who are offering coupons and discounts. You can tap and view the offer and if you’re interested you view the coupon in the Safari browser and simply show the coupon on the screen of your iPhone at the store, or you can print out the coupon for later use.

5. Grocery gadget

This download is $4.99 and has a host of features to help you take control of your grocery bills. Grocery Gadget allows you to manage shopping lists on your iPhone or through grocerygadgets.com where you can add items to your list, group them in your own categories, add specific brand names, include images and set a quantity.

You can also make general notes, or include a note about a coupon you have. As you shop and tick things off your list, the app remembers the order you go through the supermarket, and organises your list into that order for next time, or you can view the list in alphabetical order or by category. You can also enter in a recipe and the app imports the ingredients you need into your shopping list. As you tick off items and enter their prices you will be easily and accurately keeping track of your spending.

Author Byline : Alban has been writing on various personal finance blogs for the last 3 years. When he is not blogging, he provides advice on loans at http://www.personalloanfinder.com.au

Google Currents : Magazine Style News Aggregator for iOS and Android

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Dec 11th 2011 - 1 Comment

Google’s long-awaited magazine styled newsreader app for android and iOS, Google Currents has been released. This is the strong competitor to apps like Flipboard and Zite. Google Currents delivers beautiful magazine-like editions to your tablet and smartphone for high speed offline reading. You can browse, read, and share favorite content, presented in a swipable magazine format.

Google Currents, a new application for Android devices, iPads and iPhones that lets you explore online magazines and other content with the swipe of a finger.

With the Google Currents, Google is joining a crowd of companies packaging digital content in a magazine-like format for mobile devices. Google Currents is a brand new way of exploring your favorite news and RSS feed subscriptions on your Android & iOS.

Publisher editions – Publishers such as Forbes, Techcrunch, Saveur, Popular Science, Good, 500px, Fast Company and more have produced hundreds of editions including in-depth articles, videos, fine photography, slideshows, live-maps, and social streams.

Google trending editions – Google Currents uses Google search technology to hourly build a set of editions tracking the five most recent trending stories in categories such as world, entertainment, sports, science, and more. Each story is presented through a fresh edition of articles, videos, and pictures.

So Guys, with this new app you can instantly turn your Google Reader subscriptions, or any of your favorite blogs/feeds into a beautiful edition with a magazine feel.

Google Currents for iOS and Android

WhatsApp for IOS becomes free

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The arrival of iOS 5 that among all the news, came with an instant messaging application, IMessage. This application, in the end, I remembered a little inbreeding of BlackBerry Messenger, that is, only the users could enjoy this platform and, if you have friends in the world of IOS, WhatsApp could stop having sense. Thinking is not displaced, WhatsApp has decided to eliminate the only insignificant, a barrier that had in the world iOS: iOS WhatsApp becomes free.

Although WhatsApp is a very popular service, and allows communication between users of multiple platforms, IMessage was a risk for WhatsApp service since it took the same philosophy of BlackBerry Messenger: a totally integrated into the platform to which is added the special to allow communication devices without phone connection (like the iPod and iPhone without 3G modem). While 79 cents is not a very large capital, to have a free system, fully integrated in IOS was a threat that is better not to risk when you can offer, as well as other platforms, your application for free.

Click here to download WhatsApp from the AppStore.

iPhone 5 Leaked Screenshots [Added New Photos]

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iphone has always been the talk of the town due to Apple’s brilliant marketing strategies and a great fan following. iPhone 4 has not even reached various markets, even after 1.5 million sales on the very first day of being made available to the public. And here we have a crazy update! iPhone 5, successor of iPhone 4, we know nothing about the Hardware and other specifications, but we surely have some leaked screenshots of iPhone 5.

According to the screenshot, it appears that iPhone 5 may have an Antenna. The obvious question is WHY? It may be because of the iPhone 4 Holding issues which led to reduced network coverage.
Or that antenna may be an extra accessory which would have been included while taking the photo. We never know!
And after all this, we are not even sure weather this is a real Leaked Screenshot iPhone 5 or not, as it appears very similar to iPhone 4 with just an Antenna attached. (It can also be a Photoshop trick) Some guy would just be kidding around with all those Apple enthusiasts out there.
iPhone 5 Leaked Screenshots

iPhone 4 Named Best Mobile Device at Mobile World Congress

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iphone-4g-1The Apple iPhone 4 was named Best Mobile Device at the Global Mobile Awards 2011 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The phone was praised by judges, and according to Apple Insider, the judges said they picked the iPhone 4 because it has a “great screen, sharp design, fantastic materials, and phenomenal ecosystem for app developers. In a tight race, the iPhone 4 builds on the success of its predecessors to set the pace for smartphones.”
However, the iPhone 4 wasn’t competing against that stellar group of mobile devices introduced at CES 2011. Up against the iPhone 4 for this year’s awards were the HTC Desire, LG Optimus 7, BlackBerry Torch 9800and the Samsung Galaxy S. Fair enough, though, because the iPhone 4 is also last year’s model.
Even though an HTC phone was nominated for best mobile device and didn’t win, HTC won the award for Device Manufacturer of the Year. The judges praised the Taiwanese company, saying that it has “built its market presence from nowhere, with fresh branding and marketing and a strong portfolio of devices across many platforms. In particular, it has proven an exceptionally popular and enduring phone manufacturer. With great communication and good customer service, this is a well-deserved award.”
In my opinion, this is a well-deserved award. I tested the HTC inspire 4G, and found its design and construction to be of the highest quality, rivaling that of the iPhone 4.
There were lots of awards handed out at the ceremony, including App of the Year on the Apple platform, Angry Birds.