Google Docs is a very well known service by Google and is used by almost all the internet users, which allows users to create and share documents over the Internet . In the month of April introduced its mobile application for Android, and have slowly evolved to what we have in the last hours.

This is version 1.0.16, updated on August 24, and brings several important developments, the first of them the web clipboard, something that was needed. This is a new feature that allows users to obtain images in order to then access from a desktop system and insert it into a document that we open. From the blog of Google Docs just teaches us to take a picture with the camera of your mobile phone and send it to the clipboard. In this sense, the news that indicates the tab for this application on Android Market , also tells us that we can copy any image from our gallery of images of Android to send to clipboard.
We also added 45 new languages, so that in total, have 46 languages ​​to choose from in Google Docs. The sending of any document by email, MMS or through another application that we installed is another novelty that we can enjoy from now on, whenever we have Android 2.1 or higher on your terminal.