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Nexus 7 Tab : The official Google Tablet with Android 4.1

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Jun 28th 2012 - 2 Comments

The Google I/O has left us many pearls and has more than fulfilled expectations. The expected Nexus 7 Tab has made his appearance after so many rumors and much speculation. This Nexus 7 Tab is made by Asus, as was confirmed and is the first Android 4.1 Jelly Bean riding and above all, will open the gap powerful low-cost tablets seeking...

Why Should I Buy an Android Phone?

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Mar 6th 2012 - No Comments

Today, the great debate rages as to why people should invest in Android phone. These are among the latest and greatest of smartphones that you have to choose from today, and they offer a lot of different options for people. Of course, choosing this OS over others like the iPhone, BlackBerry, or even Windows Mobile devices is going require a little bit of time to research the different benefits and features that you can appreciate in a device like this. If you’re questioning whether you should buy an Android phone or not, here are some great reasons to consider it.

android phones

Home screen customization is a lot nicer than what you get with other OS devices on any Android phone. You can add and remove widgets, apps, contacts, and change wallpapers so that your home screen is exactly what you need. Plus, with multiple home screens, you can easily have room for everything to be just a touch away, no matter how much you have on your phone. Another perk of the Android phone are their cameras. These phones all have high quality cameras, many which are 8 megapixels and 720p HD video quality. If you’re looking for a stellar smart phone that can double as a digital camera when you don’t have one on hand, these devices take the cake.

Android phones also offer the option for removable storage. With a micro SD card you can expand the storage capacity of your phone, swap cards for different storage options, and get up to 16GB of extra space on almost all the devices that run the Android OS. When it comes to speed, these phones also have faster processors than other smartphones on the market today. You’ll lose a little bit of battery life for having a better processor, but all in all, it’s worth it.

There are a lot of different reasons to buy an Android phone. Even if you just don’t want to be locked into the constantly upgrading world of Apple technology with an iPhone, the Android makes a great choice. So many people like the simplicity of the user interface and the unique features that this OS has that they’ve sworn to never go back to a different phone again. You should check out Android for yourself and see everything that it can do. If you want one of the most popular, functional smartphones on the market, Android is definitely the phone for you.

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What is the Android OS?

by VISHAL GAIKAR - on Mar 5th 2012 - No Comments

What is the Android OS is now a days the most asked question online. The Android OS is a unique product created and owned by Google. This operating platform is unique from other systems because it is an open-source OS that is accessible to anyone.

That means that people around the world can use and develop applications for this OS, no matter who they are. Few days back some of Being Android readers asked me What is the Android OS, and I finally decided to come up with the article which will now answer Android OS Download related questions.

What is the Android OS ?

Unlike the iPhone, where you have to download apps from the iTunes market, the Android market features hundreds of thousands of apps created by different companies, users, and developers from all over the world. This OS is quickly becoming popular as one of the best on the market, and for good reason. Available on Google android OS tablet PC, smartphones and so on.

Android has a huge app market. Not only that, most of the apps have a free version and there are tons of apps that offer full versions completely free, as well. iOS can’t say that when it comes to selling apps.

The operation of this system is very smooth, as Android uses the latest processors to get the results that they need every single time. The ability to seamlessly run multiple apps and switch between them instantly is another major perk of this operating system. The Android OS makes it easy for you to get more out of your smartphone experience.

The Android OS also offers plenty of customization features that are easy to access and require no hacking, unlike the iOS. You can choose from a variety of home screen options, apps, widgets, launchers, and other elements to give your phone a distinct appearance and make it the most functional for you that it can possibly be.

In addition, because this OS was developed by Google, Google Maps Navigation comes standard and free of charge. You can even use voice recognition commands to speak destinations instead of typing them in, making it even easier to get where you need to go. Also we can use android desktop OS means android OS for laptop using some tweaks which are available online.

Ultimately, the Android OS is shaping up to be the powerhouse of smartphone operating systems. Every day creates a new opportunity for new technology to come into play, allowing people to get more out of their investment in this device.

If you’re looking into a smartphone, you really should consider Android as your operating platform of choice as you can then perform Android OS Upgrade.

The phones are constantly evolving and becoming more efficient, focused on giving users everything that they need without the hassles or limitations of other operating systems. Android isn’t the only smartphone OS, but it is certainly one of the best. I hope you guys now got the answer for – What is the Android OS? Use this article as android OS manual.