If you’re a gamer, then like most you undoubtedly feel a deep sense of satisfaction at some of your notable in-game achievements. It could be the thrill of downing a particularly difficult raid boss, showing off your player vs. player prowess in an arena, or even being the first person to find a hidden area in a specific game. Being able to record in-game footage of these moments would let you share them with your friends, or even publish them online for all to see.


Of course, to do that you’ll need software that allows you to record your in-game footage, and that is exactly what the Movavi Game Capture does. Because it is specialized to capture PC gaming video, you’ll find that you have all the tools that you need to come up with high quality videos.

What makes the software a solid choice for any gamer however is the advantages that it brings to the table:

Quickly and easily record in-game footage

With its intuitive interface, you’ll find that recording any in-game footage that you require is extremely easy. All that you really need to do is press F10 to start the recording.

Record in-game sounds and music

Let’s face it, game footage wouldn’t be the same without the in-game audio and music that comes along with it, and the Movavi Game Capture will certainly record those too. On top of that you could choose to just record the in-game music and save it as an audio file too.

Save videos with optimal settings

No matter what platform or device you want to use the video that you record on, you’ll find that there are presets available to help you save it with the optimal settings. The presets even extend to online video sharing websites such as YouTube or Facebook, so you can upload your videos easily.

In a nutshell, armed with the game capture software you’ll be able to save and share your greatest moments in gaming with your friends. Even if you’ve never actually recorded videos in the past and don’t have a clue where to start, you’ll be able to get the hang of it in no time.

Go ahead and try it out. Odds are you’ll find that it takes you just a couple of minutes to set up and then you’ll be all set to actually record your very first in-game footage.