The advent of technology on the modern era has marked the dawn of a fast paced and rapidly growing array of gadgets and products. Among these creations is an SD card which is increasingly being used by people for the purpose of storing data. An SD card is a shrimp device, the size of a fingertip. However, this wee size does not hold back an SD card from storing potentially a huge amount of data.

Owing to its feasible use and convenient size, SD cards are increasingly being brought into use. This then follows that any form of data loss from SD card can pose a potential problem for the users. The users commonly handle an SD card incorrectly, which is quite frequently the reason for data loss, more often resulting from formatting of the card.

Since, this has become a fairly familiar problem encountered by most users; it makes sense to get hold of some form of software that can reverse the effects of data loss resulting from formatting an SD card. For this, the users are required to equip themselves with a tool that can help achieve this purpose if one wishes to recover files from SD card.

recover files from SD card

One such highly endorsed software is the easy to use EaseUS Data recovery Wizard. If you have accidentally annihilated your data from your SD card due to formatting or unintentional deleting then you can restore your data with the use of this software.

Aiming to provide benefit to user, this software is easy to install and use quickly. You do not have to be a trained computer professional to be able to make use of this software. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard also claims of being an award winner for its capabilities. All you have to do in order to get your data back is to follow three simple steps.

You will be required to download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your system. Once the system has completed downloading the software, install and launch it on the system. The preliminary task is completed with launching the software. Afterwards, you will be required to connect the SD card to your system from which you want to restore your lost data.

Once the card is connected, this file recovery freeware will require to accomplish only these three steps after which your lost data shall be restored.

Firstly, you will be required to launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your system while the SD is still connected to system. Once the launch is complete you can select the type of files you wish to recover. On successful selection of the file types, click on the ‘Next’ Option to move ahead to step two.

Secondly, you will be required to select the disk on the system from where you lost your data after which you can click on the ‘Scan’ button. The software will immediately begin locating the targeted files by scanning the selected disk of the system. If the partition is also lost then you can click on ‘Lost disk drives’ and then ‘Scan’ to continue the recovery process.

In this last step, the software displays a list of all recoverable files one after other from which you can select the ones you wish to recover. When selection is done, you can click on the ‘Recover’ button to begin the process of recovering. At this point you should save the recovered files on a different disk in order to avoid data redundancy. Do not store the recoverable files on the SD card. Instead they should be stored in a folder on your system.

Final Words

You can use the steps as given above in order to recover the files from an SD card. We hope this article was helpful for you. So, get started with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard today and avail its benefits.