We all know that the growth of mobile gaming has been huge in recent years, but until now we’ve not really had much information on who is willing to pay in order to game. But recent research from Everyplay has revealed that Android users are less willing to spend money on mobile gaming apps than their iOS counterparts.


Everyplay is the mobile-sharing part of the company Unity Technologies. It makes mobile gaming engines, so there’s a clear reason for the company’s interest in finding out who pays for which games, which devices they choose to play on and how much they’re willing to pay to play.

In the US at any rate, iOS gamers are more likely to pay to play mobile games than Android users. That’s not the most interesting fact to come out of the Everyplay report, though. Apparently only 1% of mobile gamers in the USA pay out for 295 of the entire mobile gaming revenues in the States. So a small amount of people are paying out a relatively large amount of money for their games, and these spends aren’t just occasional.

However, where the report becomes less detailed is in information on what kinds of games are being paid for. OF course, there are some games that have enjoyed huge success – these include Clash of the Clans, Candy Crush and The Simpsons, but it doesn’t seem likely that this is where lots of money is being spent.

The games which have enjoyed amazing popularity – since they became available to play on a mobile device – are casino and slots games such as the ones you’d find at sites like bgo, bet365 and Paddy Power. Click here to visit bgo.com and see the range of games that can be played on a mobile. As well as a bunch of different slots, there are other games such as roulette, blackjack and video poker.

And spending money to play games at sites like these makes sense as there’s the potential to win big, life-changing amounts of money. If you’re going to pay to play a game, you may as well pay to play one that could win you back much more than you put into it.

Also, given that there’s so much competition for real money gaming sites to win over new players, a small investment into a casino account can often bring a player dividends straight away. Many of the sites offer a welcome bonus that matches or doubles what you first deposit into a gaming account, so you’ve won before you’ve even played a game. There are no guarantees, of course, that you’ll be lucky and win the games that you play, but you’ll get twice the value out of your initial deposit at any rate.

Gambling games aside, it seems that if you are the kind of person who will pay to play, then according to the Everyplay report, it’s more likely that you are using an iOS phone than Android. While that may be neither here nor there for us as consumers, it’s of great interest to the people who are trying to sell us the games.

Dutch research company Newzoo estimated that the US mobile gaming industry is worth around $17.5 billion and those revenues are forecast to double by 2017. So mobile gaming is big business and you can understand why surveys such as the one by Everyplay are of utmost importance to those companies with a vested interest.