Today, it’s hard to know what defines being a gamer. We used to think of gamers as being people who played on consoles or on their pcs, and found their hobby all-consuming. Gamers were loners, usually men, who would rather engage in a virtual world than take part in reality.


Now though, that picture seems a little anachronistic and part of the reason for that is because so many people now game using their mobile phones. Someone who might have spoken in a derogatory manner about the stereotypical gamer of a few years ago is now just as likely to play games themselves on a daily basis on their phones.

But playing games on your phone is different, somehow. One of the main differences is the time involved in playing. A console game might take you an hour or more, depending on what you’re playing. However, you can pick up your phone and be playing a game within a couple of seconds and the game can be over within a few minutes. Take bingo as an example.

You don’t even need to login while a game of bingo is going on to take part. You might have pre-bought your tickets earlier that week or that day. Your tickets will still be played and any win will be logged automatically on your account. You can sign up to play free bingo here and you’ll see that many of the games are also available to play on a mobile platform too.

There are reports that indicate the number of women gamers is rising – according to a 2014 report by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), there are now more adult women gamers than boys under the age of 18. Women make up 36% of the gaming population, while the boys under 18 account for 17%. But the majority of those women are more likely to play a few different games on their phones than be sitting down to play Grand Theft Auto V or something similar on a console.

Games like Words with Friends or similar Scrabble-like games can be played over a period of weeks but only require five minutes of the player’s time each time it’s their turn. That’s why these are great gaming choices for someone who runs a busy household or has a stressful job that means they don’t get much downtime. To be able to tap into a game for a couple of minutes on your phone gives you the chance to wind down without having to schedule it in your diary.

Of course, there will be some women out there who enjoy the action and shooter games as much as the stereotypical gamer from a few years ago, but the likelihood is that those statistics like those from the ESA report are more likely to come from an increased number of women playing games on their phone rather than on any other platform.