It seems that Google wants to offer a new application called Messenger simply to manage SMS / MMS on Android.

Google has for some time become accustomed to shake us by imposing its own applications to replace the ones that we used used for years. This is true for not only the web, but also for smartphones. SMS is firstly replaced with Hangouts. Hangout protocol is able to manage the SMS on smartphones Android. With  android 5.0 Lollipop, Google is set to introduce new messaging app which will be called Google Messenger.

With the release of Android 5 Lollipop, the first glimpses of the Android interface allowed us to see that the message icon was gone. Hangout will not replace it, but Google has installed there a new application that will become the default app for display and write SMS/MMS on all Android devices. It is simply called Google Messenger and therefore supports SMS and MMS.

Inspired by Gmail App

Google will propose a Google Messenger navigation largely inspired by Gmail app with the possibility of slider on the side to delete messages, and if the app is not yet available, it will be soon, with Lollipop update. Google Messenge allows synchronized playback of messages between multiple devices, much like the fact iMessages on iOS.