Google Play Store is now flooding out of limits. There are so many options as in apps are available to accomplish each task. This is the reason for all the confusion, now users are  confused about which apps to use? Here I am bringing a special series of posts for Being android readers, to suggest them which apps are better. In this post I have mentioned few must have android apps that a user should install as soon as buying new Android.

must have android apps october 2014

It is so clear that you are obviously going to install Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube etc common apps. So below I am suggesting only must have android apps that are helpful and not on the top charts on play store.

1.  CM Security AppLock &AntiVirus


We hear about many threats and viruses arising each day. There are many viruses and bugs are causing data leaks on android devices. So first must have android apps must be a good anti-virus. CM Security AppLock &AntiVirus is a good anti-virus as well as in recent update they started providing app lock feature for users. All the features are for free so why to by a premium anti-virus? Just go for this one.

Download | CM Security AppLock &AntiVirus

2. Google Play Newsstand


This is an excellent app for keeping your mind updated with daily news. You can almost read any news from all over the world. From sports to politics, this app covers each and every news. You can subscribe to so many news channel, I hope you’ll find your favourite newspaper/channel here.

Download | Google Play Newsstand

3. Microsoft Office Mobile


Couple of months ago, Google took off QuickOffice app from play store. QuickOffice was a brilliant app for reading documents. Theres absolutely no doubt that Microsoft Office Mobile is a better replacement for Quickoffice and therefore this app made it to my must have android apps list.

Download | Microsoft Office Mobile

4. Saavn: Hindi & Bollywood Songs


Music, I believe everyone on this planet enjoys music. Now that you have a new android, make the most of it, download this app and listen to any type of music you want. This app includes music in all Indian languages. In case you are reading this post outside India, You can download Spotify for your device.

Download | Saavn: Hindi & Bollywood Songs

Download | Spotify

5. MX Player


I am not sure about you guys but for me, stock media players sucks, Especially video players. MX Player is the best video player on app store and any android user who have tried 4-5 other video players would be agree with me.

Download | MX Player

6. ES File Explorer File Manager

es file explorer file manager

Now-a-days android devices comes with whole lot of memory and contains so many files. Unfortunately these devices do not come up with a good file manager. ES File Explorer File Manager is a good file manager that not only manipulates your file system but also provides so many advanced features like Cache cleaner, Root Explorer, Accessing home PCs from device and much more. No doubt this app is included in my must have android apps list.

Download | ES File Explorer File Manager

7. Clean Master Phone Boost

clean master

Clean Master Phone Boost helps you in cleaning junk files from your android device. If you have root access then this app is devil. You can clean each and every non used or junk file from this app automatically. This app will also help you to remove system apps, if you have root access.

Download | Clean Master Phone Boost

8. Truecaller – Caller ID & Block

true caller

This app is a great concept. If you are tired of rejecting advertising  calls or prank calls from unknown numbers, this app is your saviour. Just install this app and block the contacts or even non contact numbers and relax. This app also helps in identifying unknown numbers. This is a great app.

Download | Truecaller – Caller ID & Block

9. DU Battery Saver & Widgets

du battery saver

If you don’t have a latest 4.4 Kitkat device or latest Sony device, then power consumption might be a headache. DU Battery Saver is a great app that provides a way to save your battery for hard times. Use this app and forget low battery problems forever.

Download | DU Battery Saver & Widgets

10. Have any app that I can add in the list of Must Have Android Apps? Comment below.