The FIFA World Cup 2014 has begun and now the world has indulged itself in the fun with the aid of Android Application Development and passion of this “beautiful game”. The world cup kicks off June 12 and will soon find its way through runs and dribbles till July 13.


Whether you call it football or soccer, the enthusiasm of the event is hard to get unnoticed. Soccer fans all around the world are extremely excited to watch matches of their favorite teams, and will likely to want few World Cup android apps to accompany them throughout.

With Sony Experia Z2, being an official Smartphone of the big event, we can surely say that there must be plenty of android apps available waiting to get installed on your Smartphones to keep you in touch with all the action minute-by-minute. Without being stuck to your sofa or to your TV, thanks to the gift of Android apps, you’ll be able to get latest match updates while on the go.

Back in 2010, at the time of FIFA World Cup, the world of androids and Smartphones were yet to invade our lives the way they have so emphatically done today. And as we lean towards them more and more, the Android technology has made some giant strides in the form of the new age apps that are providing us a better way to stay connected with the on going events.

No matter if the time zone doesn’t fit your schedules, these apps are customized in such a way so as to give something to every group who passionately follow the FIFA event.

So, take a peak at the best android apps and follow your team or matches even when you are not at home.

1. The FIFA Official App

The FIFA official app has everything you need to follow the latest updates of the match. This official world cup app is free and great for beginners.

The app is available on Android, iOS, but not for Windows phone. The app unlocks all the exclusive match coverages, so that you take the spirit of world cup wherever you go. By following Global Stadium, you can join and share experiences with your friends, players, coaches, and celebrities. Users can also follow daily Live Blog, which gives minute-by-minute coverage of everything going on at the big event.

2. ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup

The ESPN FC soccer and the World Cup app designed by one of the reputable Android App Development Companies that allow users to follow all the action of of soccer. Its rich features provide you exclusive match coverage. It also gives comprehensive coverage of all the major clubs, leagues by providing videos, highlights, latest news, and personalized reports.

3. World Soccer Finals

Built truly for football fanatics, the World Soccer Finals app provides users with loads of information with current status of match, including live results.

Users can view the match timings, lineups, information of the players. One can also set up the app as per the requirements. With its push notifications, one can get the information related to city and stadiums. It also allows you to add matches to your calender.

4. 2014 Table

This app is a great option for journalists or new writers, who simply want to display the information to make it easy to understand for the readers. The app gives information about the results of qualified teams, tables, fixtures, dates and timings of the match, stadium venues and everything you could expect from a FIFA app.

5. Forza Football App

If you are a serious football lover, then this app is just made for you. Available on both Android and iOS, the app provides every detail of the match updates of your favorite teams. Plus, it also provides a forum for fan polls and opinions. Also, users can take part in online polls related to the team’s squad, manager and chairman.

6. Travel Portuguese Football Edition

If you are lucky enough to visit Brazil to view the match live, then there also chances that you’ll go out and talk to the native people at some point of time.

The Travel Portuguese Football Edition is designed to help visitors of different nations to get familiarized with the local language terminologies. The app by providing basic lessons on the Portuguese language help visitors to navigate through local transportations, restaurants, hotels, top destination places, and hospitals.

So, don’t let the fan in you wait to get the latest match updates. Get one of these apps downloaded. But, before that it is good to do some Google searches to know the app that best suits your requirements, which will give you alerts, reminders, and instant updates as the tournament moves forward.