Android is undoubtedly the best smart phone and tablet operating system today. The world of Android is full of fresh apps as well as games, which the users from across the world appreciate with great zeal and enthusiasm.

While there are thousands of utility apps present in the online Android market, it is the wide range of Android games that give this operating system an edge over its rivals. Below are the top 10 best Android games of April 2014.

10 best Android Games of April 2014:

1. Cut The Rope 2

Developed by ZeptoLab, Cut the rope 2 was introduced for iOS devices a few months ago. But looking at the popularity of this game, its developers later introduced Cut the Rope 2 for Android operating system as well.

This game is absolutely free to play and also provides a completely fresh experience to players. With 5 new characters, you can now travel to various locations and face new adventures.

2. CSR Classics


Developed by NaturalMotion, CSR Classics is a racing game. In this, you get to pick your favourite ride among some of the most prestigious cars in the world, such as Audi, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes and Chevrolet. Take part in drag races and compete against some of the best racers. While the game is free, you can purchase some items for real money.

3. Captain America: TWS

Created by Gameloft, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a strategy game. Based on the movie by this title, you will be playing as this superhero and leading S.H.I.E.L.D towards victory by defeating enemies.

Interestingly, you can also ask the Avengers for help during difficult times. You can upgrade your weapons and learn new skills, ultimately making way to the top position on the leader board.

4. QuizUp


Earlier introduced for iOS devices, QuizUp became the most popular game in no time. Now this exciting game is available for Android devices, hence giving you a chance to play trivia games with your friends. With more than 250 different categories of topics, it is a really exciting game to play.

5. Smash Hit

Developed by Mediocre, Smash Hit is an action game. In this game, there are glass obstacles standing in your way and your task is to smash them with metal balls.


The challenge is to travel the maximum distance without running out of your balls. Once all your balls are consumed, the game will get over.

6. Neon Commander

Developed by HeroCraft Ltd, Neon Commander is an action & arcade game. The human race is under attack and only you can save the earth from aliens and space ships using the Plasma Shield Technology. You have to protect the city by bouncing their shots back.

7. Silver Zombie


Created by XIXGAMES, it is an adventure game in which the world is under the threat of Zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, your daughter has been infected and you can save her only by scoring the Silver.

8. Dead End

Flying Oak Games created Dead End, a combination of racing as well as horror. You will be driving in order to run way from the zombies. Crush the dead on your way to survival.

9. Noir Syndrome

It is an adventure game developed by David Gedarovich. This detective- murder- mystery game will surely keep you on your toes. With each new level, the game becomes more exciting and challenging.

10. Casino Games

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