Here is ten of the best photo editing apps as per the current online trend. Each on the list is so different that the list is not in any sort of order or rank, which is why you are currently looking at ten of the best in no particular order.

This is partially because they are all good and partially because trends change. For example, do you remember how popular Vine was until Instagram made its changes and now nobody uses Vine anymore?

1. BeFunky Photo Editor – Tablets

This app has lots of fun effects you can use on your photographic edits and art. You can edit a lot more than the marketing let’s on, though as far as sophisticated art goes it is not ideal.


You can edit filters and sharpen the image, and you can add effect upon effect without it limiting what you do. It is a very popular app because it is easy to use whilst still allowing a fair amount of freedom.

2. PicsArt Photo Studio

This is a fun app for creating more artistic work, which is why it has a strong emphasis on collages and photo editing filters. You can add things on top of your images and play with your images using their tools.


It is not really an app you would use for touching up a picture in any serious way. It is more about having fun with your images and changing good ones into something more exciting.

3. PicSay – Photo Editor

This app has a lot of filters and features that help you adjust your images and improve them a little. It has functions the many others do not such as a pressure sensitive function, and some of its tools are quite intuitive. It has gained a good reputation online and most of the tools are basic enough for anyone to pick up and learn quickly.

4. Photo Editor Pro

This is an editor for a person who has quite a few to do and wants to do it quickly. You can touch up with one-touch features and there are photo improvement tools, frames and filters you can try. You can also do the more traditional stuff such as brightness, balance, cropping and contrast fixing.

5. Photo Editor by Aviary

This is a more traditional app for fixing up those images that have problems but that may be salvaged. It has tools for fixing blemishes and red eye and improving darker areas and the contrast. It has lots of filters you can play with and it is not too bad when it comes to being too pixilated.

6. Photo Effects Pro

This is a tool you may use if you are looking to publish your photos on the Internet. It is used by a lot of people to make funny photos on the Internet. It has tools for doing slightly more fun things with your images instead of actually touching them up. It changes them by adding things or removing things and it works well with a stylus pen.

7. Cupslice Photo Editor

This is a photo editor that comes with over fifty edit tools you can use. The app is easy to learn and the basis is fairly simple whilst it still allows you access to all of the tools you need to play with your images and change them. There are also stickers and things you can layer on top of your images to make them more interesting.

8. SnapSeed

This is a tool you may use if you like posting images to Google+. It has an automatic editor which applies the changes the program things should be made, though like most apps that offer this function it is very much hit and miss. There are a lot of features you can play with and many say it is better than the tools that Google+ provides.

9. Photoshop Touch for phone

This is a good tool for working with layers and is good for fixing your images. By a mobile phone’s standards it is about as good as they get though it obviously doesn’t compare to the more professional programs you will find on a desktop, which means it is still more of a casual user app (as all of the apps are on this list since you should use a desktop for more serious and detailed work).

10. Lab

This is an app you can use if you like frames and lots of different backgrounds to play with. You can create collages and montages in which a layer is placed over another over time as if to morph one thing into another.

It allows you to play with your images and smarten them up without doing too much in the traditional editing area, which means advanced touching up is not part of the program.