Android is one among the top smart phone operating systems these days. Ever since Android brought a wide array of applications as well as games for its users, there has been huge fan following for this independent smart phone and tablet platform. Another peculiar feature of this operating system is that it is available at affordable prices, hence making it easier for almost everyone out there to purchase it.

Looking at the usefulness of this OS, it is obvious that there is need for different software to manage and organize the working of this Android OS. Below are the top 5 Android Manager Software for you guys.

1. Wondershare MobileGo for Android

Wondershare MobileGo for Android is so far the best Android Manager software for all kinds of Android powered devices, such as smart phones as well as tablets. It helps you to manage everything on your Android device on your computer system. For people who love to keep all kinds of media and other stuff on their devices, this is a must have software.


This Android manager software helps you in taking backup of the entire data that is present on your Android device. Also, by transferring data onto your PC, you can make more room for additional data on your Android smart phones and tablets.

It also enables you to download and install games & apps much faster than the usual speed. Without the use of any USB cable, you will be able to transfer data from your Android device to PC and vice versa within just a few minutes.

2. ES File Manager

ES File Manager is yet Android Manager Software that helps in making your experience with Android OS more users friendly as well as smooth. This software comes with a variety of features which help you in managing your device more efficiently.

Some of the most widely useful features of this software are slide bars, archive creator and media player among others. Apart from this, you can also use ES File Manager Software for the purpose of cloud storage. It helps in storing huge amount of information on your PC and in the cloud, similar to other cloud storages such as Google Drive and DropBox.

3. AndroXplorer

The AndroXplorer Android Manager Software makes optimum use of the famous Android logo by giving it a cheeky look and design for each and every feature that it comes with. The best part about this software is that it is highly customizable, so that you can give every feature a caption of its own.

Easy navigation, a search button on the top of each screen as well as a back button is some of the main features of AndroXplorer. Restoring and taking backup of your device’s data is also possible using this software. Accompanied by really cool tools and features, this is great manager software for Android devices with large screens.

4. Astro File Manager

Astro is great cloud as well as file manager software for your Android devices. Cloud as well as local storage and backup options are available with this software.

You will be able to scroll through the entire screen of your Android device for viewing files and there are side swipes for bringing various storage options for you. The sub- menu concept of Astro File Manager is also one among its commendable features.

5. Total Commander

Total Commander is casual and easy to use Android Manager Software for your Android devices. This software gives you independent movement throughout your device and all the buttons (copy, cut, paste, delete, etc.) are creatively designed to give a completely new look.

Apart from local support, Total Commander also allows network/ browsing support for your devices. Managing system libraries and networking is made easier by this software.