While Android KitKat (Android 4.4) occupies only 1.4% of Android devices at last count, some are already thinking about the next version. Pixel Shift is the website which are showing the concept of the next android updates.


The first parameter would be much clearer, especially to easily restore applications and data from another terminal. All this information would be stored via Google Drive , a private storage space.


Another important feature of this mock up is , the choice between a theme “lite” or  “dark” or a smart choice depending on the time of day or night (to avoid dazzling the user in the black).


In December, the artist published the first part of his work, including a transparent box and now the 2nd part of the android 4.5 concept is also available on his website.

Visit the website to see more concept images and share your views via comments below about what you think the android 4.5 should be?