If there is one thing that is consistent about the world of mobile phones, it is that it is in a state of constant flux. The sheer numbers of those who surf the Web is not only both increasing and catching up with the number of desktop surfers, it is doing so at an ever-increasing rate: At one time it was estimated by some experts that mobile surfing would overtake desktop surfing by 2020, but now many are pushing that figure back to 2014!


One of the biggest things that your smartphone simply cannot afford to be without is wireless service, which is available for free in many places. Here are some of the reasons why you should get it for yours.

Reason #1: You can do so much

There are so many things that you can do with a wireless Internet connection. You can make calls, surf the Web (you may even have a job online, as I do), send text messages and emails, play games and even store files on your phone.

Why should you have to pay for all of these wonderful things when you can get them for free? It only makes sense that way, after all, and you can use the money to pay for more important things such as your utility bills.

Reason #2: You can actually get paid

You may find this difficult to believe but there is at least one company that will pay you to get free wireless cellphone service! That company is Lightyear Wireless; it was launched in 2008 and has been given an A+ by the Better Business Bureau. Their main activity has been providing telecommunications technology for businesses but they decided to go into the wireless business and soon there was a wireless division in the company.

Now they market wireless directly to consumers so that you can create a full-time or part-time income where you are essentially your own boss! There is no need to follow the more “traditional” steps involved in creating a business such as opening a store. In the past, wireless companies have spent much of their money on advertising and stores to bring in customers.

Lightyear, on the other hand, uses what is called the “direct marketing approach,” allowing you, the user, to work around your schedule, set your own hours and do your own work, creating a loyal customer.

In short, instead of trying to persuade people to buy wireless, which they can do anywhere, Lightyear provides value that simply cannot be obtained anywhere else. You really have unlimited potential here! You can introduce other people to Lightyear and get paid on their bills every month.

If you introduce three people to the service, then not only do you get paid for those customers, but you qualify for free service and never have to pay a cellphone bill! Trainer and leader positions are also available that allow you to generate income by helping other people to join your marketing team. No contracts or credit checks are involved here, nor is their any limit on the amount of Data/Web that you can use.

Because Lightyear does not advertise, they have been saving billions of dollars and they want to pass on their savings to others like you. They have partners with Sprint and Verizon, two of the best wireless networks, with whom they are not really in competition.

They have also created a variety of plans for their customers, including international calling, family plans, wireless Internet, Mobile Hot Spot and even an iPhone solution that involves taking an existing iPhone 4 or later and putting it onto Lightyear’s coverage B option. The tax advantages are present as well.


So now you have seen how you can not only be able to do so many things with your mobile phone without having to pay anything, but you can also actually earn money for yourself through these activities. You have two very good reasons, therefore, for getting a free wireless plan for your smartphone.