The android mobile device marketplace is growing rapidly. A quick scan of the android market shows that games are the most downloaded android apps. Besides, users also downloaded certain games that come with a price tag, thereby creating potential opportunities for the game developers or programmers to earn good amount of money by building high-quality gaming apps.

Playing a game on a phone is the most enjoyable way to kill time. I’m an avid game lover and get bored easily after playing a game for a while. So, I believe that every game must have some fun element to it, however, that doesn’t mean that games can’t be instructive.

For any android programmer, the most essential things to consider prior to creating a gaming app is to think about the games that exist, and to pick out among them the ones that are apt for mobile platforms. In order to build a good mobile game, it is imperative for any programmer to keep in mind certain considerations that will help them design gaming apps, which are well-liked by all:

  • It must have a tutorial to provide help out the gamers.
  • A gaming app that allows users to effortlessly pause and resume a game, when necessary.
  • Games must be highly involving.

Top 5 Android Gaming Apps

There are a number of gaming apps available for android users. Some are free-to-play, while some come with a price. I have come up with a list of top 5 android addictive gaming apps that are a must-have for any game lover.

1. Angry Birds Go!

Angry Birds Go! is the most anticipated Rovio creation gaming app that is finally available for the Android users. This is the first ever 3D game, which comprises of a wide range of game modes, environments and much more.


Although, it is a free gaming app, however, it contains some in-app purchases.

2. Jamaker – Fruit Story


This game resembles Candy Crush Saga in numerous ways; the only difference being that it is devoid of the in-app purchases and shattering animations. Nevertheless, the game has a lot of levels, and provides you with a challenging gameplay owing to its clever level design. So, if playing Candy Crush has made you bored to death, you can switch to Jamaker. This is a free gaming app

3. Gold Miner Fred


This is yet another gaming app that is not just good for entertainment, but also helps you test your speed and timing. All you need to do is to battle the clock and grab all the items in the form of gems, stones and gold to march ahead to the next round. So, do you think you’ve all what it takes to accurately holdup treasures with Gold Miner Fred? Well, then this is a game you mustn’t miss. The game comes free-of-cost.

4. Fruit Ninja


Fruit Ninja is one of the most popular android games. Now, you can polish your knife-carving ability by slicing the fruits thrown in game. This game is pretty addictive and worth the download for all the android users.

5. Grow

The game is quite similar to Feeding Frenzy. This game requires you to grow your little fish and make it compete with the other big fishes. But, you have to make use of certain secret moves and tricky tactics in order to make your little fish grow.


Well, aforementioned are the top five addictive Android games that are available in the Android market among numerous other games. Dozens of android users download gaming applications and thus provide gaming companies with higher earning prospects. As a developer, it would serve you well to download the aforementioned games. Break them down in terms of the features and attributes to get a better understanding of what users want and how it can be delivered.

What’ll you need to do is to hire an android app programmer for creating a gaming app that is creative and fun to play.