In the UK, Pinterest users – divided interestingly about half and half between male and female – totaled 200,000 in 2011 but now the UK is third in the number of individual Pinterest users worldwide, behind only the United States and Canada. The visually gorgeous social media website, dedicated to favorite collections of decorating ideas, recipes, fashion statements, crafts, blogging topics, search engine optimization and marketing, and popular technology, has exploded over the last year.


Users share and discover reading lists, wedding inspiration, and DIY how-to’s with ease and seamlessness on the main website, and have the option to create portfolios of their own and save ideas and images with simple actions.

The number and quality of apps that are available for smart phone users to do all their “pinning” on their mobile phone while on the go has also exploded. There is an array of options for Pinterest users to utilize on their iOS, Android or even Window Phone platforms, and here is the rundown for your best first-party designed choices.

The Pinterest app for iPhones was released two years ago in 2011 but has had fairly major upgrades ever since, so that now it is virtually bug-free and seamlessly integrates into the iOS user interface. If you are a registered user of the site, you can create collections, comment on other content and enjoy all the full benefits that the website gives you, but even if you don’t have an account you can still window shop by just browsing.

The Pinterest app is one of those rare programmes we find that in many senses is actually easier to use than the actual full-screen website. This is because with the millions of images, users, and ideas that Pinterest sports, sometimes it is nice on the eyes to simply have a condensed version of the masses of data with few extras to distract you from what you’re looking at.

Not to say the app for iPhone isn’t full-featured. With the app in hand running along speedily, on say iOS 7 for your new iPhone 5c or 5s, you can create pinboards with notes/comments on each item to remind yourself what you liked about it. Following other user’s pins is easy, as is giving them feedback on their content.

One swipe gives you the opportunity to send, post, or like someone else’s pin. You can even pull images from Pinterest to save internally on your iPhone’s image roll, so that you can keep the best ideas and inspiration forever.

For Android users, who long demanded such an app even before it was available, a dream-fulfilling programme has been released and earned 250,000 five-star reviews on Google Play as a result.

Pinterest for Android phones covers all the basics the iPhone’s app does, plus sets itself apart with the ability to pin from your camera, and its flawless camouflage into the Droid background. Team Android users will be pleased, yet further versions will hopefully bring the ability to edit user profiles and image board descriptions via the app.

Windows Phone, sadly left behind in the originally created app department, does not yet have a Pinterest app just for it. Some clever third-party users, frustrated with the lack of popular social media programmes for the Windows platform, created Pinspiration.

It is free (with ads) and because of its ease of use, decent range of actions, and paltry competition, it’s probably the best choice on the market for Windows Phone 8 users who don’t want to just browse Pinterest in its original web format. It is by no means as attractive a skin as the first-party versions, but it does allow for integration with Facebook and Twitter, which is a plus.

For the Windows user interface, Pinterest joins the rank of those unfortunately left out sites that ought to be rolling out official applications if Windows 8 devices are to be taken seriously on the smart phone smorgasbord.