Samsung often delights its users with some magical updates and this time it is the Samsung Galaxy S2 users who can just consider themselves lucky because now they can update to Android 4.2.2 with ROM enabling the Android update to your handset, thanks to SlimBean 5 which offers this ROM.

A month ago, Android users were offered with an option to update to Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean using Paranoid Android ROM, but it failed to make an impact as users feared about damages associated with it.


Well, not to forget this feature update is applicable only to Android handsets with model i9100 and not to any other model numbers. Other models this SlimBean ROM will support are i9200, i9100G, etc. The XDA developer team deserves the credit for developing such a wonderful update which doubles the delights of Android users across many parts of the world.

Some of its mind-blowing features include extensibility, customization, keyboard rotation, slim center, complete hardware key, etc. This is really is an unexpected pleasure to most Android users and this update can easily improve the performance of Android and can further the dominance of this fascinating, robust platform globally.

One might wonder what created the need for this new update while Android Paranoid ROM was released recently. According to reports, it is custom made software and it often carries an element of risk along with it. As the update process is all about manual flashing it can be easily impact the performance of the Android device.


Though it enhances the speed, stability, the security element is always under scrutiny and it is the reason why this update isn’t widely accepted by many.

If you want to successfully install the update on your Android device, then follow steps stated below.

  • Connect the device with PC using USB cable
  • Copy the downloaded ROM and Google Zip files on SD card of device
  • Switch off and unplug USB from PC
  • Press volume up, power, home buttons all at once and hold them together until a logo appears on screen. Now release them for booting.
  • Take a backup without fail using Nandroid of current ROM
  • Execute a complete data wipe
  • Click Install Zip followed by choose zip from SD card
  • Now the ROM will be installed
  • To revert to previous ROM, select backup and click restore

So, what one could infer from this update is that Samsung is all set to experience yet another successful run of the Galaxy S2 devices all around the globe. Surprising isn’t new to Samsung when it comes to enhancing the experience of the users and this fabulous company has never missed out any opportunity to thrill their customers with some fantastic updates.

With this update, it is certain that the performance of the Galaxy S2 i9100 model will be outstanding and this could trigger the sales of the devices again to a great extent. So, experience the best with this new update on your Android device forever.