Samsung Galaxy S4 is considered to be the most awaited product in the history of the android based smart phones due to the rumors around prior to its launch. After the success of Samsung Galaxy 2 and Samsung Galaxy 3, people could not wait for the next masterpiece by the Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Like its previous version, it kept the trend of introducing the people with the latest and the best and here it is. It came with the bang in the market. Being the first major competitor of the iPhone by Apple, Samsung’s galaxy series got the fame rapidly and turned out to be the hot cakes in the market of mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is considered to be the brightest star in this series that has received all the characteristics from its parent class and has acquired many additional characteristics during the course of development.

Starting with its exterior, no one can take his or her eyes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 after the first look on it. It looks marvelous. Perhaps, elegance will be a smaller word for this. Its finishing, design, shape; everything looks stunning to the eyes.

It’s importance can be realized from this point that most of the vendors place this phone all alone in a well decorated shelf to let the people know what worth has Samsung Galaxy S4 has gained.

It fades the characteristics and outlooks of all the other cells that are kept closer to it. It has got a display screen of 4.99 inches and dimensions are 136.6 X 69.8 X 7.9 mm. Not only this smartness in size, but also its weight makes the people go crazy. Its weight is only 130 grams. These features make Samsung Galaxy S4 as the better option than its immediate rival Sony Xperia Z and HTC One.

The screen has been given more square like a shape as compared to the Galaxy 3 and the front side is just few millimeters away from the edges of the body. This delicacy in the Samsung Galaxy S4 has made it extremely demanded product of the current time. Large screen display with almost negligible peripheries make this cell phone a choice of smart people. When the front and back panels are adjoined together, the cell looks like a whole single piece without any indentation.

This cell phone outweighs the HTC One because of the larger display but with the similar size. That means this cell has all the features of the recent time but yet, it has been shaped smartly.

The power button on the right hand side allows the user to use the phone single handedly without shifting the other hand into it. This cell phone comes along with a beautiful case cover that protects the smart phone from the external harms keeping its beauty the same.


People are not required to travel to the markets to get a protector as its box contains all the accessories. Moreover, a wireless charger is always provided with it.However, it takes almost 30% extra time to charge the Samsung Galaxy S4 with a wireless charger as compared to the direct link.

There will be no exaggeration in saying that nothing is comparable with the marvelous display of 4 inches’ Samsung Galaxy S4. It provides the users with 441 ppi density with the high definition resolution.

This thing enhances the experience of watching the video on this cell. It has got Xynos eight core CPU that has been used for the first time in the smart phone technologies to increase the battery efficiency. In addition to this, it has been provided with a powerful battery,which has the capacity of running a video for more than 10 hours continuously without any interruption.

In contrast to this, Sony Xperia could run for almost 5 hours. This is how Samsung has differentiated its masterpiece with the other products in the field of mobiles.

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