Well, this is the time to check out the latest android apps on Google Play Store. Since the day, Android started flashing quality in its applications; people are leaning towards this operating system. They simply want to use something, which can be availed as a freebie and give the experience near to Apple like devices.

Therefore, it has become important to keep a tab on each unfolding of this operating system. In last few weeks, Google play store has accepted some unique applications, which are chocking its bandwidth due to immense popularity of these apps. You can know more about these applications by reading further.

#1 Toca Hair Salon 2 (£0.64)

After earning rave reviews from Apple users, Toca Boca’s range of applications has reached to Android. Now, you can amaze your kids with its interestingly creative applications.

Your kids will learn abstruse lessons while playing with your android device. This app accommodates six different characters. So, you just need to let your kids explore their creativity in cutting, styling, and curling of six different characters.

#2 Camera 2


Well, this app is going to amaze you in a memorable manner. You can turn your SmartPhone’s camera into the device of 1920s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. In this version, you can tap on your SmartPhone screen to set the focus on your object. You will also get to zoom your photo even if your device does not support the zooming feature.

#3 Next Browser

If you are searching for a light weighted browser then this one can fulfill your needs. You do not need to pay anything to use this app in you SmartPhone. With tabbed browsing, you can use multiple extensions with your browser. However, it is in race with Chrome & Firefox for becoming the best and widely used browser for SmartPhone. But, it impresses its users with simple user interface. So, you can consider downloading this for your SmartPhone.

#4 Google Admin

Available as a freebie, this application is a boon for the web masters. With this app, they can simply keep a tab on their sites. It will allow you as a web site manager to manage all of your websites just from your SmartPhone. So, it will increase your productivity to upper levels.

With this application, you can add users in your website, reset passwords, manage groups, and make required changes in other settings of your domain.

#5 ArtFlow – Sketch, Paint, Draw

Available as a freebie, this app impresses its users with creatively out-of-the-box user interface. You will get 50 different sketch brushes to draw in your SmartPhone. It is a perfect app for the artists, who want to try their creative ideas before pouring colors on your physical canvas.


You only need to understand this app for making the most. In simple words, it turns your tablet device into a digital sketchbook or canvas. You can also avail other features by opting in-app purchase.

So, just choose your app and maximize your fun of using your Android powered tablet or SmartPhone.