With the HTC Wildfire S, making calls and maintaining your huge contacts list has never been easier. This affordable, small smartphone with its large touchscreen makes it easy to organize all of the people in your life and maintain contact with them in a variety of ways.

HTC Wildfire S

Although a smartphone like the HTC Wildfire S can do so much, such as let you surf the internet wherever you go and help you navigate busy streets using its built-in GPS navigation system, everyone needs a smartphone that can maintain their contacts’ information in a streamlined, easy to access program, as well as allow them to make calls, send texts, and update social media pages with ease.

The HTC Wildfire S is great at all of these things, so if these features are priorities in your search for your next smartphone, consider this little device a definite option.

Making Calls on the HTC Wildfire S

You can definitely expect superb call clarity when using the HTC Wildfire S to make calls to friends, family, and businesses. So whether you are making calls from your quiet home or you are dialling a number in the middle of a crowded city street or at a party, you can expect to hear what the other person is saying to you, and they will be able to hear you clearly as well.

This is a feature that you can expect from any HTC phone, including the Wildfire S. Therefore, if making calls is something you do every day on your mobile phone, you definitely want a phone like the HTC Wildfire S to keep you covered with call clarity that will not lead to any miscommunications.

Maintaining Your Large Contacts List on the HTC Wildfire S

If you have a huge contacts list to maintain that includes everyone from your childhood friends to your distant relatives and your business contacts, you certainly need a smartphone that will make it easy to keep all of these individuals organized so that you can access their information quickly and easily and stay connected no matter where you go. The HTC Wildfire S offers a really great way to do all of these things, and more, including linking to their social media updates.

The HTC Wildfire S allows you to really customize your contacts list, from blocking certain numbers to setting specific ringtones to individuals so that you know exactly who is calling as soon as you hear the tone.

You can take this a step further by customizing what happens when you click on a person’s name. So, for example, if you do not typically call someone but rather you stay in touch with him via text messages, you can create a command that makes the HTC Wildfire S open up a text messaging window when you click on that person’s name, as opposed to dialling his number automatically.

To keep confusion to a minimum, whenever you set these custom settings for certain individuals, the HTC Wildfire S will place an icon in that person’s profile so that you know what will happen when you tap on his name.

Author bio : Laura Ginn keeps a lot of important contacts in her smartphone, so she likes the calling features of the HTC Wildfire S Black. Whenever she needs to search for prices on smartphones from HTC and other brands, she uses uSwitch.com, which is a great UK comparison site.