If you were to go underground and explore the UK’s landfill, you’d find many an old computer part sat amongst the busted kettles and old cutlery sets. Whilst technological advances are thrilling for the consumer, Mother Nature is likely to be less appreciative.

As we buy into the latest tech, we are all too keen to throw out our old laptops and PCs with little thought to how long it will stay cluttering our environment. Old computers take up a lot of room in landfill and they don’t decompose – such an unnecessary pressure on the environment when most of these parts can be re-used or recycled into something new.


Most people don’t know think about throwing away a small unused computer cable, but with so many of us having old computer bits and bobs to get rid of, they all add up.

Have you ever wondered ‘shall I sell my netbook?’, well if you’ve upgraded to a new machine the best thing you can do is sell your old laptop on to someone who can refurbish it – or of course, if it’s already still in good condition sell it on an auction site or to a ‘cash for computer’ company.

Trained IT professionals will be able to work out how well each part of your old computer works and even if it doesn’t work perfectly, they may be able to use parts in other computers. They may be able to add new parts, like a new screen and keyboard, and bring your machine to as good as almost-new, selling it on for a profit. When you do this at least one full computer is not making its way to landfill, so instead of feeling sad and nostalgic, be proud you’ve done your bit for the environment.

If you’ve taken your computer apart, it’s still possible to make money from scrap components. A quick google will bring up numerous companies looking for old mother boards and memory chips that you can pop in the post to them in return for a cheque.

Recycling is a huge part of doing good for the environment, and whilst you may be quick to sort your old cans and kitchen cardboard rubbish, it can be easy to forget that electronic items can also be recycled when we no longer need them – in fact it’s even more important that these non-decomposable items are recycled than it is compostable waste.

If you’ve got a new laptop, do good for the environment today and make sure your old laptop finds a good home rather than the rubbish bin. Every little piece of your old computer can be used in some way, don’t underestimate the value of getting your old mouse recycled or selling your DVD drive to someone who can make use of it!