HUAWEI have produced three very good phones recently at different levels in the market. They had the Ascend D2, an excellent phone at the top end, these Ascend Mates at the middle and their lower level Ascend W1 Windows Phone 8 at the base of their trio.

Huawei Ascend Mate


The HUAWEI Ascend Mate is a massive phone. It measure 163.5 x 85.7 x 9.9. Think, Galaxy Note II, but bigger. It has 6.1 inch screen. Sat alongside, the likes of a Google Nexus 4 or an iPhone 5, it looks almost double the size. It is a mammoth offering.


With big phones such as the Ascend Mate 2, often the challenge is being able to operate it one-handed. Well, with this phone it is a real challenge. Getting a thumb across to the side of the screen can be a real stretch and the phone feels cumbersome to operate.

For anyone with average-sized hands, it will be a real chore to do many things on this phone and sitting in the hand the phone for me just feels too big. It’s more like a tablet than a phone in many ways.


On top of the handset, you’ll find the sim card slots, a rather weak-looking plastic cover; hangs off as you open it, which doesn’t feel very premium. The handset is available in both black and white and it has a metal styled bezel that goes around all the sides.

The back of the phone creaks a little as occurs on the majority of plastic handsets. On the bottom you’ll find a micro USB charging port, and it’s good to find HUAWEI adopting the micro USB norm.


The display on the HUAWEI Ascend Mate is very bright. It is vibrant and colourful with deep sharp colours. Resolution is 1280 x 720 and all in all, it is an extremely impressive display. This will be an excellent device for watching movies and enjoying browsing as long as you don’t end up with sore hands due to its size.

Operating System

The handset contains Android 4.1 with a skin of the HUAWEI Emotion User Interface. It is a terrific interface that has been tailored by HUAWEI to produce a quality experience. The Ascend D2, at the top end of the market, certainly, goes a step further than the interface in this device, but nonetheless, HUAWEI do a good job of making the user’s experience good.


The HUAWEI Ascend Mate 2 includes an excellent 4050mAh battery. HUAWEI claim that this mammoth power unit will provide 9 days of standby. It certainly will be sufficient to power the huge screen for a long time and will be great even for media hungry gamers and movie watchers providing them ample time for their entertainment pastimes. The battery sits with the display as a superb feature for the phone that helps it stand out from the competition.


Overall, this phone is too big for me, but for those who want a huge phone, it is simply superb. Its display is excellent. It has a good battery. The camera specifications are good and overall, it is a good option in the market for those that desire the maximum screen size they can find on a phone.

Author bio: Phil Turner has looked at the latest Android phones including phablets. He needs a large screen for Internet browsing because his vision is no longer 20:20