One of the most popular lines of apps that are available on Google Play for Android phones are those involving cameras. And which each one getting better than the last, users are lucky to experience some of the best photo taking and editing abilities for free. Here’s a review at some of the best free photo apps for android available on Google Play for your Android device.

Wonder Camera

One of the most downloaded and top rated apps available today is Wonder Camera by Baidu Int’l Inc. The highlight of this application is how smooth and clear it can make your face look.


It uses its advanced face detection system to focus on the key points on your face to make the shape of your face look perfect. It also uses a smooth-skin effect to erase blemishes or otherwise unsightly imperfections on your face. Wonder Camera continues to add features to its application, making it increasingly popular.

It may not be the best camera app to take pictures of scenery or still life objects, but it is quite fascinating how well it works for sprucing up otherwise bland photos that you take of yourself.


Cymera – Camera & Photo Editor is an increasingly popular photo application. With the amount of features it offers, its no surprise that people are relying on Cymera for their photography needs.


The camera itself is quite powerful. It offers seven different lenses that are commonly found on DSLR cameras. This includes out of focus, anti-shake, self-portrait, timer modes, all intended to help you make the most from your photography experience. Another great feature offered by Cymera is how much it can spruce up your already existing photographs.

The app offers tons of borders and stickers that you can add to a picture, and then the option to share them to get laughs from your closest friends and social media followers.

Lastly, Cymera offers the option to make a storytelling collage to piece all of your photos together to make a beautiful story of events. There are tons of other great features offered by Cymera, but these basics are the reason you should try it out. You will be certain to come across many other features that you enjoy with Cymera.


Wondershare Software’s PowerCam is a very powerful photography app. It offers one of the most extensive lines of features that are offered in a mobile application. With over 36 effects, PowerCam affords you the opportunity to find exactly what it is you are looking for each time you snap a picture.


PowerCam’s Color Splash feature will allow users to add color against black and white, or the other way around if they so choose. And the best part is how simple it is to make all of these neat effects occur on your photographs.

Lastly, PowerCam has a Smile Shot feature that will detect a smile and capture the photo automatically. This is very helpful and makes even the most novice of photographers, take excellent looking photographs.


One of my personal photo app favorites is Aviary. When I came across this app, I was having a hard time finding a single application that would do everything that I needed. But I found it all with this one simple app that synced between all my Android devices. One of my favorite tools is the ability to sharpen or blur objects in my photos.


This really makes images and elements of your pictures stand out as you want them to. Also, the auto focus is great when adjusting brightness, contrast and color temperature.

Finally, the photos that you can add are hilarious and have added a lot of enjoyment to otherwise boring pictures. If you want, you can even download other picture packs from Aviary and have even more fun with this already amazing application.


With as many photo apps as there is on Google Play for Android, it is hard to figure out which are the best. Hopefully with this quick rundown, you can find the perfect photo app for all your photography needs.

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