What are some of the best Android apps to download this summer? From paid to free apps, some of the best are designed to make travel and nights out easier, while also giving you some warning about the weather; other top Android apps for the summer of 2013 provide ways to improve your typing, while enabling you to track the pollen count during hayfever season.

Top Android Apps for the Summer

These, and other apps, can be downloaded onto your smartphone and tablets, and will certainly be a feature on my Motorola RAZR i this summer.


This app takes a socially minded approach to eating out, whereby you share tips and photos from restaurants – the main appeal of FoodSpotting is that you can share photos of your food with other users, and can give ratings to specific meals at restaurants.


Although there’s a lot of different weather reading and alert apps for Android phones, WeatherSignal does do something a little bit different; the app depends on crowdsourcing, which involves other subscribers’ smartphone sensors being used to bring together different weather readings for your area.


An app that scans blogs for the best new music, Lively can be used as a complement to popular music streaming services such as Spotify; you can build up lists of your favourite artists and tracks, and can also gain recommendations of similar musicians.


With the future of TweetDeck uncertain after the addictive app was bought by Twitter, TweakDeck has emerged to fill in the gap for posting updates and reading tweets from your contacts; this simple app also integrates picture hosting and the same features as TweetDeck.


Anyone that doesn’t already have this keyboard enhancement app should definitely consider it – for a few pounds you get a much slicker keyboard experience than the default one included with Android, with the app correcting mistakes and ‘learning’ your typing style.


A flight and hotel booking app, SkyScanner is perhaps the most comprehensive way of bringing together available options for your Summer holiday, and is also useful for finding last minute deals. SkyScanner is free for Android, and also includes booking information on rental cars.

Hayfever Pollen Forecast

This app provides you with a daily pollen count during March to September’s hayfever season; useful if you need to know how much sneezing you’re going to have to put up with during your day.


A social television app, Zeebox is designed to allow you to comment and share information on live television, meaning that you can vote on reality competitions, recommend shows, and chat about events as they unfold on your favourite programmes.

Sleep as Android Unlock

Available as a paid app, Sleep as Android Unlock will add more features to your Android alarm clock – you can set up the app to record your sleep cycle, while providing ideal times for when you should be going to bed, and a range of different wake up calls for the morning.

Days Left Widget

Designed to count down the days you have left till an important deadline, Days Left Widget costs less than a pound, and effectively acts as a widget for reminding you about birthdays, meals, bills, or anything else that’s creeping up on and that you need to remember.

Author Bio : Emily Steves admits that she’s a smartphone app addict, but tries to stick to the free ones when she can. She also blogs about smartphones, and the Motorola RAZR i is currently her favourite because of the edge to edge screen.