We will be reviewing Samsung Galaxy Flip Case for Galaxy S4 today.Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest offering and flagship model, being offered by Samsung. You need a good flip case to add protection to your device and what could be better than the official flip case for your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Official Samsung Galaxy S4 Flip Case

Initial Impression

Samsung Galaxy Flip case S4 is available for various colors, which can be chosen based on the color of the phone you have. Flip case offers the protection and style which is a priority for any premium smartphone owner. We can see that since it a official flip case from Samsung, it covers the Galaxy S4 screen perfectly.


It’s construction looks durable and robust enough to provide the maximum protection to your premium handset. Samsung Galaxy Flip Case is made by Samsung to replace the back of your Galaxy S4 smartphone and it comes with a front cover which protects the screen from scratches and dirt particles.

It fits perfectly at the back and makes the case extremely slim and easy to hold in hands. Front flap covers the screen in full, while giving access to all the ports and phone functions easily, so that you don’t have to remove the flap ever.

Samsung Galaxy Flip case S4: pros and cons

As we have seen , it fits the screen perfectly and offers protection from scratches, bumps and dirt while adding the elegant look and feel to your premium smartphone and without increasing the weight of it.The construction is durable, high quality and premium. It is made in such a way that your Samsung Galaxy S4 phone will look as good as new for a long time.

It is made up of synthetic materials, which is made specifically to withstand all weather condition, daily wear and tear and scratches. Inside the flip case your smartphone looks safe, vibrant and elegant.As it is an official flip case being made by Samsung, it is made up of same high standards and specification as Samsung has put in their Smartphone manufacturing. Fit is absolutely perfect both at the back and at the front. It has amazing range of colors, so that you can pick one which matches best with your smartphone.


On the cons side, we can see that flip case don’t provide enough protection for the sides. Through Samsung smartphones are robust enough to withstand occasional falls, still having a side protection would be a welcome addition to this great case.


Samsung Galaxy Flip Case for Galaxy S4 can be bought from several retail or online stores, including official Samsung stores. You can get original Samsung Galaxy Flip case for S4 at Lovecases.co.uk at £19.99. It comes with same date dispatch facility with 30 days money back guarantee.


Samsung galaxy S4 is the top of the line smartphone available through the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, Samsung. You need a flip case to protect and safeguard your smartphone from the wear and tear due to regular use, scratches and dust.


As Samsung is producing official flip case for Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones, it is your best option to get a light weight, premium looking, sturdy, robust and well fitted flip case for your premium device. It does not cost much, but help you safeguard your premium smartphone.