The much hyped, fervently awaited Galaxy S4, the flagship Android smartphone from the Korean giant has finally hit the Indian markets. An absolute powerhouse, it is studded with forceful hardware to make it the trailblazer of “more is less” concept in the android market. It’s bigger, slimmer, equipped with bigger battery and stiller lighter than all other smartphones bearing similar price tags from Rs 35,000 to Rs 45,000, except iPhone 5 in terms of weight.


With the advent of Google’s Android operating system, iPhone’s monopoly in the niche smartphone segment has started proliferating. Several Andriod enable smartphones surfaced to gobble up the market share of iPhone and when everyone stood wondering who will the closest rival to Apple, Korean mobile major Samsung rose to the occasion, making it Galaxy S line V/S iPhone series.

The launch of Samsung Galaxy S4 will take the android smartphone war to an altogether level. It boasts of the first ever eight-core processor, Octa Core coupled with 2GB RAM. Though it has a design language that makes it deceptively similar to its predecessor Galaxy S3 in looks, it boasts of one of the sharpest screens out

there, a gorgeous, 5-inch, 1920 x 1080p full HD super AMOLED display. The resolution and colors are simply nonpareil with 441 pixels per inch. It features an improved 13MP front & 2MP rear camera plus several pioneering features to take the overall user experience to the seventh heaven. Priced at Rs 41,500, this smart machine is all set to top the buying lists of Indian customers.

Indian market will see two variants of this phone, one powered with 1.9 GHz quad-core processor and the other with1.6 Ghz octa-Core processor. The recently launched octa-core version will have 1.6 ghz quad core processor + 1.2 ghz quad core processor for a power-packed and seamless performance to take on the likes of HTC and Apple iPhones.

The most highlighting feature that lets Android Apps Development come out of age is Air Gesturing, a ground-breaking feature that will allow the user to accept calls, change music, browse through gallery and applications by just hovering his/her finger in front of the phone. The Korean manufacturer has incorporated two powerful IR sensors on either side of the earpiece on the top front part of Samsung S4 that effectively detects the hand movement of the user and works accordingly.

Another not so transcendent yet worth considering advantage with Galaxy S 4 is that is a relatively an easy smartphone to repair unlike other phones in the same genre.

Samsung has exaggerated the smartphone war and is facing intense rivalry from Apple after toppling Nokia from volume leadership in India. Reflecting his views on whether Samsung’s brand stifling the creativity of Android and Android Apps Development during a product launch Samsung Electronics President and CEO (South West Asia) B D Park stated “At Samsung, we are committed to innovation and to our consumers…

We are proud to announce the launch of our flagship device and the much awaited, Samsung Galaxy S4“. Evidently, Galaxy S4 is not the end but just the beginning of Samsung’s marketing and product development aggressive strategy.

About Author: Rick Brown is a veteran Android developeras as well as consultant catering to the needs of a top-notch Android Apps Development. He devotes his time in contriving custom solutions for his clients across the globe.