Thanks to business websites, you can set your entire move up online. Doing so will save you money and time. Using the Internet, you can compare bids, services and verify the track record of potential service vendors.


Instead of running all over town to get the best prices for the services you need, you can get the information within a few hours via computer. And, by doing so, get your move finished much more quickly and easily.

Before Your Move

Set up the arrangements for your move as much in advance as possible. Start researching moving companies as soon as the date for your move is settled. Look for a company that can provide quick delivery of your belongings and furniture. Make sure that any company you’re considering offers a guarantee of delivery. Breakage or damage should be covered under the company’s insurance and you should be reimbursed for the full replacement cost of anything the company damages.

Discuss with the management of the company how much staff they can provide for your move and what type of schedule they use for moves. Also check on any mileage costs you may be responsible for. Don’t sign up for anything that exceeds your overall moving budget. If you have pets, check what boarding facilities are near your new home.

It’s better for animals’ health to be moved after the new house is set up and to be out of the way while the old house is being taken apart. They experience less stress this way and can more easily adapt to their new environment. Plan and budget for any new furniture you need after the move and begin listing anything you’re not taking with you. Advertising furniture and décor items can take time to be successful so get that started right away.

After Your Move

Unpacking is only the beginning. Updating your address with all utility companies and recurrent mail is next. You can use an online service for that, too. An online  change of address only takes a few minutes and can coordinate all the necessary updates for your household.

Take care of these updates within a few days of arriving at your new home. You also need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles or License Bureau for your area. If your kids are changing schools, set up a time to get them registered and complete all necessary paperwork.

Finally, work out any changes to your family doctors or medical practices, including veterinary services. If you have to establish new relationships with health care providers, it’s better to pursue that before you have an urgent need for treatment.

Managing a move isn’t different than any other service arrangement. You need the best rates for comprehensive services. You should also get the companies that offer guarantees on delivering your belongings safely. Post-move, you’ll mainly focus on settling in, unless something goes wrong. The best way to avoid loss from your move is to plan carefully beforehand.