Operating via the Sprint network, pre-paid carrier Virgin Mobile USA offers customers an unlimited and competitive plan for calls, texts and data. Virgin’s cheapest pay as you go deal is one for $35 per month, which offers customers 300 minutes of calls, as well as unlimited texts and data.


Virgin are stepping up their battle with fellow mobile phone giant T-Mobile. Existing new T-Mobile customers are being offered money to switch to Virgin by way of $100 of credit. T-Mobile has began to offer its customers, instead of a contract, the chance to pay one down payment initially for a phone, with the rest of the balance being paid periodically over the next two years.

A Virgin ad campaign, featuring the Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne, has been attempting to “retrain the brain” of mobile phone users, as Virgin attempt to increase its customer base.

Part of the Virgin ad campaign includes comparisons between Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile. There is an emphasis on how with Virgin users are offered unlimited calls, texts and data usage, which will see a reduction in 3G speeds, when, every month, the 2.5GB is reached.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 is being offered by Virgin to customers for only $299.99, which the T-Mobile network has priced at over $400. Virgin also state that a plan on their network, for a two year period, will be around $120 cheaper than a T-Mobile network deal over two years.

The savings, for T-Mobile customers who switch to Virgin, consequently amount to about $334. Switching to Virgin however is only advisable if you are in the areas where Sprint coverage is available. Currently, that coverage is still limited.

Customers who plan to switch to Virgin from T-Mobile have to have the $55 per month plan. Though there is a plan that is only $35 per month, calling minutes are capped on this deal. Included in the promotion are the HTC One V, together with the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G, which gives customers the chance to choose from two of the higher end devices out there.

Once you have switched from T-Mobile, bought a phone, and made the first payment, the $100 credit will then be applied. The deal lasts until May 31st, 2013.