Little by little Samsung has become no less powerful a player at the mobile market than Apple. Today other companies need to look back at the South Korean company in order to be in trend with the latest mobile requirements and expectations. And surely, other companies have to be aware of the Samsung release dates if they don’t want to be overshadowed by the release of a new Samsung leading device.

Samsung Galaxy S4

On March, 14th, Samsung released a long-awaited Galaxy S4 device, a new leader in the Galaxy line. The device is surely going to set trends for other mobile gadgets for at least a year ahead. And I think that having read this review you will agree with me on this point.


Looks like Samsung has decided to follow Apple’s example in terms of appearance of the devices of the same model line. SGS4 looks a lot like Galaxy S3, and there’s nothing surprising about it. SGS3 was a success, and the best is the enemy of good. Still there’re some differences.

New device feels better in hand than its predecessor due to its edges not being so beveled as in SGS3. This fact also helped to reduce the width of the device. The location of control and other elements on the body of the smartphone is the same as on the previous device. The body itself is made of polycarbonate.

Initially, the model will sell in two color variants: white and dark grey. Later on the company plans to widen color choice up to 6-7 variants. And in January of 2014 the variants for La Fleur collection will appear.


It goes without saying that today screen is one of the few specifications that allow differing devices from each other. The screen is one of the best things about Galaxy S4. It is a Super AMOLED 5-inch display with 1920×1080 resolution and pixel density is 441 ppi. Previously, Samsung has been often reproached for using PenTile scheme when creating displays for their devices. In SGS4 developers have changed the structure of subpixels which are now are all equal in size.

This creates an almost perfect picture on a display. If you use a magnifying glass or a microscope you may see the subpixels, but are you really going to do this??

Also, one good option appeared in the display settings for S4. It is called “Optimize display” and it analyzes the light level and depending on the conditions it sets display brightness, contrast and the colors on the screen. Thus, white color will look like white no matter what the conditions are.


The device is provided with a 2600 mAh Li-Ion battery (vs 2100 2600 mAh in SGS3). The larger battery capacity and lesser display power consumption should have led to a longer battery life. But at the same time we shouldn’t forget that the gadget has got a more powerful processor, and a lot of new functions have been introduced that drain battery.

Nevertheless, if you activate battery saving mode and deactivate most of functions that uses sensors (and are basically not very important in everyday use) you can get up to 40% of the battery life. So it proves in terms of power efficiency the device performs really great.


Samsung Galaxy S4 runs under the latest Android Jelly Bean OS (version 4.2.2) with a TouchWiz theme installed on it. TouchWiz doesn’t differ much from the version installed on the Galaxy S3 and at the same time it uses all the Android 4.2 capabilities, like widgets on a locker screen, double-finger swipe to see all tumblers in notification area.

The device includes great music player that supports most of the popular audio formats, as well as video player. And as strange as it may seem but there’s no FM-radio. Personally I’d like to listen to radio from time to time, and I was unpleasantly surprised with the absence of radio. Picture gallery is made in the usual style for all Samsung devices.

One of the interesting apps presented in SGS4 is S Health. With the help of this app the device will control your health. You don’t need to do anything special, just live your everyday life, while your device will monitor your health state with the help of different sensors.

Also, there’s a “blocking mode” that allows turning off all notifications except for the events from the whitelist contacts. So this function is pretty close to “Do Not Disturb” in iOS.

Galaxy S4 Camera

The quality of camera performance was one of the main intrigues for me. It’s a known fact that in most Android smartphones with 13 Mp cameras the quality of shots leaves much to be desired. In this case I was pleasantly surprised. The pictures made with SGS4 camera were of pretty high quality. Speaking of video, the camera allows shooting videos with 1920×1080 resolution.


New Samsung device is supplied with a octa-core Exynos 5 Octa processor. To be precise, the processor is not octa-core, but double-quad-core. The thing is that all 8 cores never work simultaneously. 4 more powerful ARM Cortex-A15 cores when high efficiency is needed while 4 economical ARM Cortex-A7 perform less powerful tasks (and save battery life). Smartphone uses 3-core PowerRV SGX544 video accelerator and has 2 Gb of RAM.

As a conclusion I’d like to sum up all Samsung Galaxy S4 specs in one table:

And here’s a video review from TechRap:

Author’s bio: Eugene Rudenko is a copywriter for IT company Intellectsoft (to visit company’s site click here). Intellectsoft is a world-known mobile app developer and is a preferred Apple (UK) supplier.