Earlier when somebody wanted to sell something, the cheapest option was to give classified ads in the newspaper. Still, it required money and small sellers could not afford shelling cash for selling small stuffs. With the advancement of internet now small sellers has got options to post online classified ads for free.

The popularity of online classified websites like OLX.in has proved that people are open to the option of posting online classified ads for free and they are ready to put their trust in the system.


As the concept of online classified ads has grown by leaps and bounds, now the concept of localized online classified websites has cropped up and getting successful. For example, for the region of new delhi, OLX has made localized website by the name of newdelhi.olx.in, such that the people of new delhi can directly post Delhi free classifieds ads on the subdomain of newdelhi and get the deal closed within a short span of time.

Online classified ads portal gives a common platform for all kinds of sellers, in every kind of field. No matter how big or small the seller is, they can post their ads and get the relevant traffic and audience quickly and easily without any hassle.

Even for buyers, online classified ads portals like olx.in has been a go to place for everykind of deals and discounted items. They get a good deal , easily and cheaply. They could also search from the massive database of classified websites to find the items of their choice without leaving their desk.

There are few important benefits which online classified websites provides.

  1. It is free – Sellers can post their ads for free on the online classified ads websites and get the customer’s attention
  2. It is forever – No time limit for an ad to display, provides unmatched shelf-life to the ads. Sellers can keep getting traffic for as much time desired.
  3. It is local – With localized services like newdelhi.olx.in, sellers can target buyers from a particular region and can be sure to get the right kind of traffic as desired.

There are hundreds of free online classified websites out there. Putting your effort and trust on the right platform is absolutely essential. OLX.in is one of the biggest online classified ads provider in india. With it’s targeted ads placement based on the location, OLX.in has been able to manage much deeper reach than it’s competitors.

So if, you are in new delhi and looking to place a new delhi specific ad in online classified ads directory, newdelhi.olx.in is the place to go.