Android mobile devices are handy little devices to have around you when you are traveling, be it abroad or just down the road a stretch. The Android does not have as many apps the iPhone or iPad do, but it does have a few good traveling apps that you should consider checking out.


The biggest benefit of traveling at is their convenience and the fact that you can go directly into websites that would usually take you quite a while to find on a mobile search engine. For example, one of these apps gives you direct access to very detailed weather reports, which would be hard pressed to find if you are looking online. You would probably have to settle for the interpretation of the weather by a third, fourth or fifth party.


Flight track will allow you to track the progress of thousands of international flights. You can do this with zoom-able map and see detailed information on things relating to your flights, such as cancellations, delays and departure gates. If you anticipating a visit from a loved one, or you are planning on going for a plane trip, then this is the app for you.


This is a weather-reporting app that will give you up to date weather report for over two million locations, with information that is fed into through a large number of atmospheric measuring devices. Not only does this mean that you can travel nationally and know the weather, but it also means that you can travel abroad and get up to date weather reports on wherever you are going.

XE Currency

This app allows you to calculate how much certain bigger ticket items are going to cost in other countries by allowing you to convert their currency into your own. It is a very easy and very simple app to use and has the power to convert almost any currency in the world into your own home currency.


When you go abroad to know about the subjects to roaming charges on your Internet and phone calls. This app will enable you to stop your mobile device from connecting to another network that is going to cost you a fortune. Not only that but this app is capable of drastically reducing the amount of data you use when surfing on the Internet. It is very handy for saving you your pay-as-you-go Internet usage, both nationally and internationally.

Perfect World Clock

This is world clock that you can use to track the time around the world. It is handy for if you have other people abroad that you know, so that you can call them during their daylight hours. It is also good for if you are abroad and wish to phone home but are unsure what time it is back in your home country. Even though this information can be Googled, it is much easier to use the app to find the precise time in another country.


This is an app you can use if you are a fan of driving in other countries and wish to shout expletives out of the window. This app has a massive index of foul language, in a very wide number of languages. In almost any country you can look on the app and find the correct expletive to holler at the locals.

JetLag Genie

This app allows you to gently alter your sleeping habit before your trip. It gives you information on what time of day it is going to be where you are going, and then it works towards adjusting you to their timescale whilst you are still a home. All you need to do is enter your traveling date and location and the app will set up a sleeping regiment that will help you to adjust your new timeframe. The name of this app will vary depending on whether you are buying it for your iPhone or Android device.

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