Sharing your files from device to device can sometimes be a tricky process. Learning how to do it easily is important when you have special items like photographs or even files that need to be sent. Typically if you are going from phone to phone you may just be able to send a text or an email.

mac to android

Other files are too large to do that with. Then if you are trying to send it from one type of device to another it can get rather complicated. One question that people ask is how they can transfer larger files from their Mac to their Android.

While it can seem overwhelming, you will be glad to know that there is really an easy way to do that. You can learn how to share easily no matter the size or device you are sending it to.

Some programs out there let you share your files with other people and sending it to other devices but they charge you for it. The fee sometimes depends on the size of the file. Still other programs allow you to share but the file is floating around on a drive until they download it.

These programs will work but may not be what you are looking for to send those who photo files or word documents. While they do work well you may be paying a hefty fine or not sure where you’re documents are waiting until your subject has downloaded them.

A program like Share File is a great way to securely transfer files from a Mac to an Android and any other devices. They have wonderful programs that will allow you to pass on large files without all the problems associated with normal transfer. You can get access to your files on the go as well. This means no matter where you are you can get that information for your business client or yourself.

Enjoy the ease of use and access to all your files under your account number and see how seamless it is to transfer back and forth. You will never have to worry about lost files or losing it again. This system is a wonderful way to move files from one business partner to another and do the necessary changes you need. You can send things to clients or anyone who you need to transfer them too. It is easy and simple to do.

You will have a dedicated person to help you get set up and running when you are working with this program. They can help you figure out which plan works best for you and show you just how to get those files off your Mac and onto your Android device. You can easily make presentations for your customers when you have access to all your files.

It makes landing the big client you have been working on easier when you have it all right there. You can go to them without worrying about missing a file or piece of paper work that is critical to the meeting.

There are many ways you can transfer files but only a few that help your transfer your files up to 10GB. This program is a great asset for any business and you will be glad you checked it out. Your Mac and Android tablet can communicate back and forth and you have access to the files no matter where you are.

It is easier than you thought and you don’t have to worry about where the files are. Be sure you give this program a try and see how you can share large files with anyone you need to fast and easily.