Here are top 5 Free Android Apps for Kids. Kids of the modern age are much more tech savvy. Kids tinkering with the mobile device are a common scene in every household these days. Well, the good news is Android has come up with some awesome apps for the kids that will keep them engaged and entertained. The apps listed below are great in the sense that they will not only entertain your little ones but also educate them.

Free Android Apps for Kids – Fun for the Kids

1. Radio Disney


If you are travelling by car or are just chilling out in your house, this app is perfect for your kids. This app enables the kids to create their own list of favorites, discover new bands, play the latest songs and so on.

2. Kid Mode by Zoodles


Waiting at the doctor’s chamber or visiting some dinner parties are at times boring. So, to keep your child engaged at these times, you can take the help of this app. This will educate your young ones in a funny way. Their creative skills are stimulated by this Android app.

3. Talking Tom Cat


This is a wonderful fun-filled app for your kid. As you can understand from the name, it is a cat named Tom who can respond to touch. It will also repeat everything you say – isn’t this a really exciting one??? Poke this Tom or touch its tail, your kids will burst into laughter.

4. Paintbox


No need of paper and brush; your child can now make real paintings digitally. There is a natural brush having the capability to move and speed up is provided with this app. You can save and share the paintings. The artistic passion of your kid is revealed! Aren’t this app is desirable for the parents?

5. Angry Birds Seasons


This is a version of smash-hit game. If your child loves action, give him/her this app. He will surely love it!

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Author’s Bio: Mark Moore is the father of two children and a tech savvy individual. He hunts for latest children-friendly apps in mobiles and PCs and shares it with his readers. He advises others that for smooth running of the apps, you should avail online software support services.