At a time when corporations are not only making their websites ‘responsive’, but also going the extra mile by enhancing their features frequently, Google decided to go with the flow.


Google+ was optimized for smartphones a while ago, and as much of a success as that was with the public, it was time for them to introduce new features to keep the interest going.

This time around, Google+ has taken great care to take into account, the public’s major grievances in terms of its predecessor, and cater to them perfectly. Hence, it introduced a total of 24 new features for the Android and iOS devices.

Android users can now take full advantage of these highly intriguing features.

  • Google plus is very proud of its new range of ‘photo facilities’
  • It has the ability to provide ‘full-size’ backup of images, ranging to about 5GB…and also its standard size of 2048px.
  • Like the previous version, you still have unlimited backup space for the standard sized images.
  • By activating the ‘Instant Upload’ feature, as soon as you click a photo, your images will get stored automatically in a ‘private album’ on your Google+ account. This enables instant sharing without going through the hassle of ‘attaching’ files.
  • The latest updates by ’Jelly Bean’ provides Android’s with the ‘Photosphere’ feature. Here, one can create 360degrees ‘panorama’ images, which can in turn be shared via your Plus account.
  • You can now access and tweak your ‘profile’ content whilst you’re on the move.
  • Receive notifications, if ever someone posts something of interest to you.
  • Video-chat with members on your circle via Google+ Hangouts, regardless of whichever part of the world they’re in. All one requires is about 150KB of bandwidth, and they’re good to go.

You can even chat with up to 9 members at once. It also enables running a solo broadcast via ‘Hangouts on Air’.

  • Access ‘Google+ Events’ and organize events, or reply to invitations. It also, keeps you informed when your invitation is viewed. So excuses like you “missed the invite”, won’t work anymore.
  • It has a wide range of ‘emoticons’ that enable one to express their emotions, or simply liven up their posts.


Since Plus always had the Messenger feature, you can use your icons there too.

  • Utilize the ‘Find People’ feature.
  • Access your Google+ Play feature. So if someone posts your favorite song, you can easily send it to Google Play, or the App. store, and download the track.
  • The ‘Lock Screen’ widget is now available.
  • Animated GIF images can be viewed
  • The new Google+ will send you birthday reminders, so you don’t forget any from now on.
  • Check the ‘What’s Hot’ feature to view topics that are currently ‘doing the rounds’ on the Web.
  • Access the ‘Nearby’ feature to stay updated on what members around your area are ‘fussing over’. It’s highly ‘region-centric’.
  • Appearance-wise it’s still pretty much the same, with its prominent ‘dark grey background’.

Google’s pulling out all the stops to make its ‘Social Media’ site stand out from the crowd. With its latest array of new features, one thinks it may just have a winner here.