If you are an android user and want to Enable USB Debugging on your device then you are at the right place. Today I will show you how to Enable USB Debugging in easy steps. Enabling or disabling USB debugging option is available on every Android phone, but is usually disabled.

Enable USB Debugging On Android Phone

This option mostly used by the android developers for android development. If you have connected your device to computer and it’s not getting detected then you might need to enable USB debugging option.

What is USB Debugging?

USB debugging option in android phone helps users to opening up the phone and allowing it to work with the Android SDK (Software Development Kit). The SDK can be downloaded and installed on the computer, but it will not work with the Android smartphone unless USB debugging mode is set to “ON.”

We have compiled a very simple tutorial on how to enable USB debugging on Android 4.1 and on previous Android releases. It is also recommended to enable USB debugging before trying out firmware update, root method, mods on the phone.

Step by Step Instructions :

1. Go to Settings.  This can be found in your App Drawer, or by Pressing the menu button on the outside of your device.

2. Scroll down and tap “Developer options”.

3. Now check “USB debugging” from there.

Enable USB Debugging On Android Phone
It will then ask you- Allow USB debugging? Press OK to enable USB Debugging On Android Phone. That’s it. Isn’t it very simple?  Your android phone is in now Debugging Mode.  In this USB debugging mode you can mount your Android device to your computer.