Stealth mobile monitoring software – Mobile Spy– is cutting edge next generation software that offers wide scope of opportunities for monitoring SMS and other activities on smartphones.

Mobile Spy

Why would you need to use Mobile Spy?

Often, given the immense use of smartphones, the line- for youngsters- in using SMS and other features- becomes very hazy and most times uncontrolled. For parents it is a CATCH-22 situation as it is of vital importance to retain the child’s respect but yet protect them from the risks and perils of abusive use of smartphones.

This is where Mobile Spy will prove to be god send. This versatile, well-equipped program is enough to let you understand your child’s pattern of SMS or texting use. This is a stealth software program that you will need to install on the smartphone you wish to monitor.

Working of Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a low-cost, high-end stealth tracker, which when installed on devices will then securely upload all the activities on the smartphone to a secure online account. This can then be used to log-in from any computer or browser.

The internet capabilities will record activities, GPS locations and logs to quickly upload to the Mobile Spy Account. All the logs are displayed in the form of categories for intuitive browsing. In reality, this software will work independently. It will not require accessing the message database of the smartphone or recording any activities. Therefore, even if attempts are made to delete the history, all data shall continue to be retained as well as uploaded.

Mobile Spy Smartphone Monitoring Software compatibility

This software is compatible on all smartphones that include iPhone, Android as well as BlackBerry. The software  is compatible with Windows Mobile and Symbian OS as well.

In fact all of the latest smartphones will be able to host Mobile Spy stealth smartphone monitoring software. So whether it is a proprietary software phone such as Apple or an open source platform phone such as Samsung and others, Mobile Spy monitoring software always provides quick answers to all those vexing issues.

The features that these phones support include online monitoring in 100% stealth. Recording call details as well as logging all website visited. The memos, email contact and Blocking of Apps to run the phone are all included. In fact the LIVE Screen with LIVE Panel Option can be sought at all times.

In fact, retrieving up-to-the-minute information about the phone is always possible. Another key feature that Mobile Spy monitoring software offers is the ability to deliver all logs to your email address automatically. As this hybrid software will work independent of the phone’s internal logging system, you will have exact replica of all the activities via the logs.

Besides, all these activities are now available online in real time. These logs are stored safely in the secured Mobile Spy accounts that are not accessed by any other. Only with the right username and password is the account accessible to you, regardless of the web browser using a password and username.

Author bio : Kelly Austin works with a group of writers at Mobile Spy to inform parents and employers of the benefits of keeping track of their mobile devices. Monitoring software on PCs and smartphones help parents and employers hold users accountable for actions done on their devices. Follow Kelly on Twitter @KellyAustin86