If you regularly use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to browse the Web, you may be pleased to know that there are now some very useful apps available to make browsing easier and more convenient.

Give these 5 easy-browsing apps a try:

1. Pocket

A free app for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices, available here. This is the perfect app for people who come across something of interest online but are too busy to take a proper look, or to make a note of the site or page.

Once you have a Pocket account, you can use the app to bookmark things you want to read or look at later, and you can do in an instant (quicker than using browser bookmarking features). Everything is saved for offline reading, or you can use Pocket to share the info on Twitter or Facebook.

2. Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD is the ideal app for people with Android devices who want an easier way to browse the Web. The best feature of the app is that it is voice-activated and its Sonar feature allows you to issue simple voice commands to search the Internet for content, share updates via social networking and bookmark pages.

3. Google Goggles

A free app for iPhone and Android devices available here. Although not a new app, Google Goggles still remains one of the best and unique ways to browse the web. Instead of trying to describe something you’re looking at in the search bar in order to find out more about it, simply hold up your smartphone up to the item and Google will do an instant search. A real timesaver!

4. Instapaper

This app works in a similar way to Pocket, as it is designed to make it easier to read web articles later, when you aren’t so busy. Instapaper works very simply, removing ads, photos and all unnecessary content from articles so that the content you want to read is easy to read.

5. Onavo

Onavo Count

It’s easy to get carried away when Web browsing and you could end up going over your data usage limit. Onavo prevents this from happening and helps to keep mobile bills down by monitoring and controlling your data usage.

Author bio : Christine works for CartridgeMonkey.com, a UK supplier of Canon Ink Cartridges. Christine enjoys reading about the latest news on iPhones and Android devices.