Photoshop is one of the most used software for creating and editing digital images. It is the best known software for creating and editing images. Till date there is no competitor of photos when it comes to photo editing and creating and to extend its kingdom adobe has launched the photo shop application for android phones known as “Adobe Photoshop touch”. This application is going to be supported by android gingerbread and ice cream sandwich powered devices.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

This application is creating a lot of buzz among the users because now it does not require any special training to work on Photoshop. Though it does not provide you all features of the desktop version but still it offers features that were never possible on a tablet. This application will allow you to edit photographs like never before, and there is a tutorial within the app that introduces us with the capabilities of the application.

The tutorial video is about 45 min in total. Through this application you can edit the layers of photographs; you can combine photographs, you can also choose different effects from effects menu that offers a lot of effects that can be added. The interface of this application is easy it allows you to create or edit pictures and photographs and it does not require any special skill.

Gone are the days when only professionals were using Photoshop, through this application you can create images that are as good as they have been created by a professional. Mind you if you are using this app on Phone or a tablet that is underpowered you will have problems as this app requires good processing. One of the restrictions of this app is that you are not allowed to download new fonts.

The thing that makes Photoshop application Best application for editing and creating photographs and videos is that it offers a best in class touch. In the present time nothing comes close to Photoshop when it comes to creating or editing images on android devices.

This application is not going to be supported by mobile phones and people who are looking to buy this application for their tablets keep this in mind that it requires high processing, so people with a single core tablet would find it difficult to use it on their tablets. Undoubtedly adobe Photoshop Touch is the best android application for image editing but mind you it cannot replace your desktop version as desktop version offers a lot lo more functionality.

Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android

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