Social networks continue to grow. You may like them or not, but they still are very popular. Technologies also develop, and now a person can create a profile in digital sphere, as well as plunge into a 3D world adapted for each and every user. Cafe4tune can be called the first serious realization of such an idea, as it is the first 3D social network.

Communication without limits

There’re a lot of interaction variants in this network. For example, a person may walk in the city and notice his or her friend on the screen. Then two of them can go into a bar or a restaurant and talk via the best means possible – either via chat, by voice or in the conference mode, and at the same time they can listen to music together or watch a football match.

Interesting acquaintances

This network acquires new functions Thus, a person creates a flirting request, and Cafe4tune will find for chat those users whose descriptions are compatible with the search criteria. If both persons agree, they may open their real profiles to each other before starting chatting.

At the moment it’s really difficult to find a service where a user can find a new friend, chat with current friends, present a product, sing karaoke, watch online a concert or a sports match, and simultaneously watch him- or herself on a screen.

News blocks

One of the interesting things to be included in this social network is news blocks. The news will be supplied from the Internet. Also online radio will be available for those who like to listen to news or just to music.

Free edit

In Cafe4tune you can create several personal rages under one account. Also you can edit and change any information for these pages, even name. Another distinctive feature of Cafe4tune is that your contacts are also displayed in the form of a tree so that you can see which of your contacts are friends with each other.

Virtual elections

The aim of the service is to blur the boundaries between the reality and cyber space (at least as far as modern technologies allow doing so). Now as a part of virtual election users vote on referendums for different people from different countries. There’re already countries with elected leaders. Each of the leaders has a personal page where anyone can ask the questions he or she is interested in.


In Cafe4tune there’re a lot of games of different types. It is planned to supply them not only with gaming component, but also with the possibility of video and audio communication among the participants. The developers plan to launch mobile games, virtual clothes for 3D avatars, etc.

Business profit

Cafe4tune offers effective and available tools for promotion of your business: you can hold presentations online, place you ad, organize online sales. Currently some of the services are in the stage of launching.

The distinctive feature of Cafe4tune is that this service is available in 45 languages. So the advertiser shouldn’t bother about the fact that the auditory doesn’t speak English. Also there’re tools for creating online shops, virtual galleries where you can show your products.

Author’s bio : Eugene Rudenko is a tech writer for IT company Intellectsoft. The company specializes in Android, iOS, Blackberry and WP development. Follow them on Twitter @Intellectsoft.