Here is the Installation Guide for the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery. With 4.7 inch touchscreen and a strong quad-core processor HTC One X has been recently launched. It has at once started to make place in the market and is so far the fastest device known. The mobile community has also extended a helping hand by developing the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery for the new HTC One X. Moving through the mobile Recovery Mode with the help of touch is proving to be very soothing for the fingertips. A break from the hard keypad was definitely in need.

Official ClockworkMod Touch Recovery

Although the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery has been launched but it still hasn’t developed completely. Few things are still to be dealt with. Efforts are being made to fix the issues in the next update of the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery. Apart from that everything seems to work just fine for HTC One X. The three main problems being encountered during the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery in HTC One X are:

  • No USB can be used when the mobile is on recovery.
  • You can’t charge the mobile during recovery.
  • No flashing of ROM Manager

A guide to help you install the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery to your HTC One X is being provided below. Carefully read all the instructions before proceeding.


The guide is specific for recovery installation in HTC One X. Installation attempts in other mobiles can cause problems. To make sure that the mobile model is HTC One X or not go to “Settings” and then click on “About Phone”. The use of this guide is solely the user’s responsibility along with any problem that might arise during the downloading process.


  • Bootloader on the HTC One X should be unlocked. To learn how to unlock the bootloader you can go to the HTCDev Website.
  • Backup the important data.

ABD should be installed on your PC

USB Debugging should be enabled on the phone. To check the USB Debugging status go to “Settings” then “Application” moving next to “Development” and then reaching “USB Debugging”. If the option is not selected, select it by clicking on it. A check mark will appear beside the option to confirm enabling.


Read each and every step carefully to avoid errors.

  • The first step of the process is to download the ClockworkMod recovery image file  on your PC.
  • Next, download Fastboot and save it on your computer. This file will allow the flash of the recovery image later in the process when needed.
  • Use WinZIP or 7-Zip to extract the file
  • Check for four files inside the Fastboot folder. Then move the folder to the C:/ drive of your computer.
  • Move the recovery image to the Fastboot folder too making a total of five files in the folder now.
  • Switch off you HTC One X.
  • Press the Volume Down button along with the Power Key. From the options that appear select the one saying Fastboot Mode. Now your mobile is running on the Fastboot mode.

After switching the mobile to the Fastboot Mode use a data cable to connect you mobile phone to your computer. On your computer go to Start and then to Run. In the dialog box that appears type “cmd”. This helps to launch the command prompt.

When the command prompt is open type in the following commands.

cd c:\Fastboot
fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-

After entering each command press ENTER. This will flash the recovery image file on your phone.

A soon as you enter the last command the ClockworkMod recovery will be flashed on your HTC One X. After the process is finished use the command “fastboot reboot” to reboot your mobile to normal mode.

To start the ClockworkMod Touch Recovery turn off your mobile and enter the Bootloader Mode the same way you entered the Fastboot Mode. To start the Recovery Mode, select “Recovery” from the options displayed.

ClockworkMod has been now successfully installed on your HTC One X.