A major hardware of the any smartphone is it’s Battery. Terminals with amazing performance batteries are marketed with less than 2000mAh in most cases (2100 mAh is available for the Galaxy S3) forcing at least one daily load, if not more active in more users. Many users, especially the ‘heavy users’ resort to buying extra batteries that, in most cases, do not have the same performance as the original and official so eventually empower the smartphone does not reach us for real needs of today.

galaxy s3 3000mah battery

This problem, which only seems to be saved by Motorola and their phones with 3000 mAh battery, as the Atrix HD , and above, seems to have been detected to some extent by Samsung who will officially launch a battery of 3000mAh for the Samsung Galaxy S3. This battery provides 50% more capacity than originally mounted on the smartphone. The new battery is a little less able to terminal mounted another large company, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phablet recently launched.

Now just wait until the battery reaches the market and that, as far as possible, sets an example of Koreans and see increased battery capacity in subsequent models of both Samsung and competition. Sure that users will not mind paying a little more and have the autonomy to leave the house with your phone in your pocket without fear of running out of it within a few hours.