Puzzle games are actually brain teasers and make us more enthusiastic to win the game. Puzzle games are one of the best exercises for your brain to enhance your concentration, creativity and also it’s an alternative to relax your mind. Nowadays most people have Android Smartphones and there are plenty of games available to fulfil the gaming needs of everyone.

The 5 best puzzle games for Android Smartphones are:

1. Amazing Alex

Amazing Alex is the most recent and best physics puzzle game released from the creators of the game named “Angry Birds”. Amazing Alex is developed and promoted by Rovio Entertainment Limited.

Alex, a genius kid with unlimited imagination has a lot of amusing toys that can make a great adventure. To get the work done of cleaning his room, Alex creates wonderful chain reactions and unlimited fun. This innovative puzzle game has ultimate challenges for you to solve in your own creative ways which includes lots of exciting features. In the beginning of the game you will not face much difficulty but as the level rises, you have to face the tough challenges to solve the puzzle.

2. Bejeweled

Bejeweled is one of the most exciting puzzle games developed by PopCap Games. The main purpose of this game is to form either a vertical or a horizontal line of similar gems by swapping each gem with another as per your tactics. As soon as the line of identical gems is formed, the line will disappear and new gems will drop from the top to fill in the missing gaps. Sometimes you will notice a chain reaction when the dropping gems are matched with the existing similar gems thereby creating the new line.

The Bejeweled game is an amazing and endless puzzle game to play which does not have any levels to finish up.

3. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope is the puzzle game developed by ZeptoLab which is platform independent. It is a simple game with the physics puzzles. There are number of stages and new challenges in this terrific game. These challenges are tough to be sorted or pass through. The different presentations with cartoons and candy’s make the players crazy about the game. Each puzzle and level consists of ropes, balloons and whoopee cushions in different ways to keep you entertained.

4. Angry Birds Space

The Angry Birds Space puzzle game is developed by Rovio Entertainment. Angry Birds is the game which takes time to play with full excitement. It is a game filled with all the stuff of birds. The importance comes into play as the birds are sent to boomerang wrap around the planet. Sort the issues with gravitational possibilities and cross the bird’s flight. It is a complete classic game with good fun.

5. Unblock Me

Unblock Me is an addictive puzzle game developed by kiragames Co. Limited. The objective of this game is to take out the red block which is jammed on the board by taking accurate moves which leaves you in deep thinking mode. This game tests your decision making skills.

To experience the innovative features of puzzle games, you can buy an Android device from the good stores.