One of the unresolved issues to the satisfaction of many users is handling office documents from mobile devices. There are different alternatives, but I think maybe missing a reference application in the sector. So today we will look at four applications to manage office documents from mobile phones and tablets .

For if from the phones may be a little uncomfortable, since the tablet is an option that many users demand on those who choose or transformer type devices that incorporate keyboards to try to be productive with this type of office documents . Intuitive editing is fundamental, not become a torture implement any changes in a text document, spreadsheet or presentation.

1. QuickOffice


In this case we could say that this is the best application that has resolved the issue of documents from mobile devices, making the user experience as pleasant as possible. It stressed that both Google laid eyes on this application and took over the company. It has applications available for iOS and Android for both phones as specific versions to take maximum advantage of the larger screen of tablets.

You can edit text documents, spreadsheets or presentations, as well as mark and add notes to documents PDF . The file manager can work with both email attachments, files saved locally or cloud storage on Dropbox, Google Docs or Evernote. The cost of implementation of the € 11.33, although it varies from one platform to another and between different versions.

More information | QuickOffice

2. ThinkFree Office

This application has a lot of Android versions, from a simple document viewer, to cheaper versions that allow editing text documents, spreadsheets and presentations , for example. The iOS version is free, but it is still only a document viewer without editing possibilities.

We can acquire a license from €6.68 and as extra offers 2GB of cloud storage that will serve to keep documents in sync between your computer and mobile devices where we have installed. There is a PRO version which adds advanced features for document printing. Of course both can open all kinds of document formats.

More Info | ThinkFree Office

3. Kingsoft Office

This app is available for both iOS and android devices. It is a free application that will allow us to edit and manage documents we have in the cloud with Dropbox, Google Drive, server or through an FTP or WebDAV, something that can be a good solution in certain moments. We can edit and save changes to both local and the respective service in the cloud.

When working with recent documents is quite comfortable since they are showing as slides, so if we have to return to the document is fairly simple to find. With respect to the issue of documents is quite intuitive, with markers to make this part of the user’s hand menu, whether the paragraph formatting options, font, etc.

More Info | Kingsoft Office

4. Documents to Go


This is one more best Paid android app and iOS app available for download. The cost depends on the version but may be around 8 euros in the normal version and up to 12 in the premium version, though it varies from one platform to another. The fundamental difference between these versions is in editing in PowerPoint files or use the files you have stored in the cloud for services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or SugarSync and others.

Personally I think it’s the weakest of the four. It’s a little cheaper than QuickOffice so you can be a solution if you only want to edit text documents or spreadsheets, but also compares unfavorably with Kingsoft Office, which has nothing to envy in functionality.

More Info | Documents to Go

Otherwise when choosing between them how to respect the formats is essential, but we can not prove it until we begin to work with them. So for me it is essential to the opinions of the users that have a profile close to use that I will give an application of this style.