The article title about rooting seems a typical trick to attract readers, but nothing is further from the truth. For if there is one place on the Internet where there are more geniuses in Android than anywhere else that is certainly the popular XDA Developers forum. There are many developers that with a little patience make great discoveries with which the whole community can take benefit.


And one of them is being able to get root access so easy and simple and virtually on any android device. If you do not know what is the root access and what you can get with it, Let me tell you that rooting your phone will get more benefits like you can install super android apps which are only available for root devices, also you can install any android ROM on your device to test it and so on. Well, as we said a user on XDA has managed to produce a small script to get done with the root almost any android device.

Needless to say, using this method to get root access is provided solely at your own risk, read before all you need to know and take action only if you’re sure you do. The method itself does not have much mystery and is quite simple to do. Such and as explained in the XDA thread , Bin4ary which is the name the author, we just have to download the file containing the script and run it with a file browser. Then it will be a matter of following the steps indicated for root access easily and conveniently.

The good thing is that the script is being updated quite often, adding support for newer devices and answering all the questions and problems that may arise. So if you want to root your device, here is the good way to do.It would be good from the whole community get a new method to get all in one take root on any terminal and without much effort. You can download the script here.

Are you one of those people? Have you tried this new method and has worked for you?