Ah the Puzzle games, what would that be? You know, it’s when you have few pieces of something small and you use those pieces to create something bigger and like this you go through the game.

Well, not all puzzle games are like this but we guess you got the point. There is a few of these (we will count Top 5 by our opinion) that are pretty high on the Google Play store for Android devices, and some of them are even holding the overall Top 5 in games downloads.

1. Cut the Rope

We must start with this one because it’s an absolute hit on the Android store. So, what’s all the fuss about? There is a gorgeous creature (you received it in the box) called Om Nom and that little fellow is hungry all the time and you must feed him, with candies. How you do this? There is a sweet little food hanging on a rope and you must cut the rope so the candy can hit his mouth.


Sounds easy? Well, not quite, because you also have to hit some bubbles and collect the stars (that’s the Puzzle part). Cutting the rope on the right place was never so much fun.

2. Tetris

Wait, isn’t this game 100 years old? Well, not that much but the original Tetris is quite old (probably older than most of you reading this article). Anyway, we think that this game should be pre-loaded on every Android device, this is essential; it is like not having a Clock on your phone. Well, not that essential but you got the point. By the way, its price in the Android store is $2.99.

3. Triple Town

If you like building cities and if you like brainstorming while doing it, this is a must have. How this games works? You are building the kingdom out of the pieces of three or more (of something). Three bushes make a tree, for example. But that’s not all; while you’re having fun building stuff you will notice that some huge bears are trying to make your time miserable (trying to take down the trees).

This is why you have to outsmart them while building the dream town. Should we say that this was one of the most popular games on Facebook in 2011, or you already know this fact?

4. 100 Gates

The title itself sounds great already. You must open the gates, simply as that, but not simple at all. You must use your little grey cells to the max if you want to finish this game till the end. Lean, swipe, tap, shake, combine all of these and you might open the doors at the end… or not. Nice graphics, great atmosphere and great feeling when you open the doors (you feel pretty smart).

Oh yes, still waiting for those 100 doors, because the name of the game does not sync with the number of the doors in the game. Other than this, it is a great time waster.

5. Logo Quiz

Do you like commercials? If you do, this one is going to be a piece of cake for you. There are 900+ logos in the game and all you have to do is to guess each and every logo to finish all the levels in the game. You will get 4 hints for every logo and that’s all. Easy to install, not taking too much space on your device (only 7.2M) and it will kill a lot of time during the rainy days.

So, these are the Top 5 Puzzle games of our choice. Do you have something different in mind? Do you like some other games better? Please share your thoughts.

Author bio: The post is written by Jason Phillips. He is a freelance writer and has been contributing great articles on varied topics for past 7 years. His upcoming article is on www.snippergames365.com where he will be disclosing some of the unknown facts of sniper games 365.