Social Apps beyond the typical walled-gardens are now being used to create a social graph across the open web. I wanted to let you know that today, RadiumOne launched the android version of their social photo app called This new droid app is a combination of Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr.


RadiumOne is an ad network that is launching these consumer apps to create a social-graph across the open web that avoids typical walled-gardens of social networks. This social intelligence is then used to fuel their ad network to effectively target ads towards the consumers that care most about particular brands.


Via.Me enables brands to connect the dots between different devices. As Keith Belling, Founder & CEO of popchips, explains, “The ability to easily publish content across multiple social platforms and create a consistent experience is a key reason why popchips is using Via.Me to enhance engagement with our audiences across the social landscape.” popchips is not alone: Via.Me has an impressive list of global brands using the platform including Kia Motors, Neiman Marcus, Sony Electronics, Fox Studios, among others.

Via.Me Android standout features

  • Photo Filters – 17 best-in-class photo filters enable users to customize their favorite photos.
  • Multiple File Types – Upload photos, videos, audio and text
  • Real-Time Alerts – Receive instant notifications whenever someone you follow posts on Via.Me.
  • Easy Cross-Posting ­ Via.Me makes it easy to share across the most popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter in just two clicks.
  • Intuitive User Interface ­ The Via.Me app and website have an elegant and intuitive user interface that makes it fun and easy to create, share and discover.

Via.Me lets you share your stories in pictures, video, sound and text. Use Via.Me to share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, while hosting it all on your Via.Me social storyboard.

Download Via.Me Android app