The growth of mobile technology has developed a number of means of communication and smartphone is the latest introduction in this field. These smartphones are not only used for communication facility but also to entertain you through its various other applications.

This all has become possible due to the latest operating system called Android used in these smartphones. Even being an operating system Android supports a number of other functions and applications on these latest phones like MP3, photos and games.

The growing demand of mobile games had given birth to an industry which is growing continuously these days with the emergence of smartphones of latest technology.

Android OS in these smartphones had made it possible to entertain yourself through a number of android games and other applications but the Top 20 free android games for your smart phones are being discussed for your reference in this article.

Top 20 free android games for your smart phones

1. Angry bird

Unique powers have been provided to angry bird in this android game which they use in destroying greedy pigs’ fortresses. To win this game the angry birds must survive till end. They have to take revenge from the pigs who have stolen their eggs.

2. Racing Moto

This android game teaches the players not to go fast in real life while driving your bike as it can be harmful for you. This is a fast moving game which you can enjoy very well.

3. Bubble Blast 2

This android game has to be played mindfully as you are provided an opportunity to complete the stage of game within the given number of touches. So you will have to this game very carefully to complete it.

4. Drag Racing

This is again a careful which should not be tried in the real life as this game is based on fast moving cars with realistic controls. You can enjoy the speed which you may not even think of in real life with more than 50 cars.

5. Paper Toss

This android game for smartphones is based on the real life activities which you might have ever experienced in your life while being bored from work. Normally people toss papers to their trash basket and that is all this game is concerned. Toss the paper to the trash basket and count how many variations you can cover successfully when your boss is out for some personal work.

6. Ant Smasher

This cool android application allows you to smash down the ants that are crossing your screen in haphazard manner. But you have to save bees that are also flying across the screen to save your game.

7. Tap fish

This game provides you the opportunity to own multiple aquariums by growing, selling or breeding the fishes that can be tapped.

8. Mouse trap

It is one of the addictive games of android that aims on helping a traped mouse to come out of a web by sliding boxes interrupting the way of that mouse. The chances to earn bonuses and coins are given to players with unlocking every part of the web.

9. X Construction Lite

This android game for smartphones offers you an opportunity to build a bridge with the help of given material to pass the train across the valley safely.

10. Yoo Ninja

This game takes the players into a strange world of jumps by jumping to a neck. This fast moving game allows you to avoid obstacles while jumping up and down a run over. The players have to move constantly forward as they are chased by the darts which will hit you if you stopped running and either be killed or fell into the deep hole.

11. Blast Monkey

In this game a hungry monkey, Moki, is in search of a big bunch of bananas and you have to help him in crossing creative and funny obstacles to be successful in his voyage.

12. SpeedX

It provides an experience of controlling speed in tunnel with the help of a stunning accelerometer to test your reflex to control the speed in the 3D graphics of this game.

13. Air Control Lite

This android game permits you to control the air traffic and help the aircraft to land safely. You are playing the role of Air Traffic Controller in this game and you have to control the aircrafts to save them from colliding.

14. WordFeud

This android game allows you to solve a multiplayer puzzles in 30 various options with your opponents and friends.

15. Inotia3

You can join an adventure in this game to protect your loved ones trapped in Carnia where their expected fate is lying.

16. Jewels

This android game provides 3 puzzle games that are simple but polished fun games. This is a kind of addictive that should for once atleast.

17. Bug Village

In this android game for smartphones you have to build colony for ants and bees and nurture them safely. Playful bugs are to be attracted by constructing homes and directed to the garden, where they can accumulate resources to increase the village constructed by you.

18. Tank Hero

This is a fast paced battle game that allows its players to dangerous arenas with 3D tank actions and become Tank Hero. You can use your cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers to take out your cunning enemies.

19. Tilt  3D Labyrinth

This labyrinth web game that emphasizes on 3D graphics, realistic physics, and a top class gaming experience. You will have to pass your way though walls, holes, and rotating pieces so that you can move the ball into the goal.

20. GT Racing

Players can enjoy racing experience in this android game. This game can be downloaded free of cost to test your driving skills. You will have to pass driving tests and win races to proceed further to various other stages of the game by unlocking more events and cars.

Thus you can select the game of your choice from these Top 20 free android games for your smart phones to get entertained.